Redefining STRESS for the Holidays

     As the holidays approach, it is only natural to feel as if time is speeding up. There are multitudes of things to complete, people to entertain or take care of, and lots to cook. However, stress is as much a habit and unconscious behavior as many other habits we form. Consider what you have been taught about the holidays. You may have grown up watching parents scurry around trying to get things done, quick movements, and last minute needs. The media hypes up how many shopping days are left and on top of all of the responsibilities and expectations that one places upon themselves, there are expectations as to what others are supposed to be, do and provide.     
     What if relieving stress for the holidays was as easy as redefining what stress means. ‘Change your mind and you will change your life.’ Sometimes it is necessary to take a step back and choose to change a perspective in order to experience better health and well being. Get clear on the meaning of the holidays instead of falling into the rut of the past holiday cycles. Set an intention for what this year’s experience will be and hold that intention every day as you move through the season. Develop a new practice for how you plan to walk through each day. And finally, hold the knowing that what needs to get completed will.     
     Everything is always exactly as it should be. This season should be an experience in GIVING GIVING to yourself an opportunity to have time to relish and remember moments this holiday season. GIVING so that you feel nurtured through the process. GIVING yourself the ability to receive help when offered and when it is not. GIVING to yourself so fully because deep down you realize that in order to give others you must first be willing to give yourself. No individual can give from a depleting cup. We may only give from a cup that is constantly overflowing. In order to overflow, one must fill themselves up. You may fill yourself by a new experience and practice of S-T-R-E-S-S. Reclaim the innocence of childhood; When it comes to Christmas, Jolly Old St. Nick, visions of Sugar Plums, and the JOY of receiving all you have to do is BELIEVE and then experience the results of conscious living.

S – Sit Still

Allow yourself an opportunity to have stillness in the morning before your day starts. In that space, reate the atmosphere you wish to experience throughout your day.

T – Thankfulness

The energy of gratitude is the most powerful energy one can activate within their personal experience. Through thankfulness we activate the Law of Attraction.

R – Release Expectations

One of the greatest causes of anxiety are expectations we hold about ourselves, others, and what is to be accomplished. Allow yourself to live moment by moment.   

EExperience Yourself

Remember each day is an opportunity to experience YOU. Take note of WHO you are and honor yourself through the process. There is no right or wrong only ‘exactly where you are supposed to be.’

S – Simplify

Really examine what needs to be done not what should, could, or is expected but what would hold meaning for YOU. Life does not have to be complicated.

S – Stop and Breathe

Take the time to stop and breathe. Inhale deep breaths so that tension may be released and life force fully taken in. Consciously do this several times a day.
Simran Singh, Life Coach, Visionary, Author, and Speaker is the Founder of and Producer of 11:11 Magazine & 11:11 Talk Radio. Simran’s mission is to empower and inspire individuals toward conscious choices that lead to the greater health and well being of the Authentic Self.