Redefining Yourself…Who are you?

Have you ever thought about who you are? Or, have you just accepted what you were told, what you saw in the mirror, and the image that society thinks you should be? Are you your identity or your personality? Perhaps you are neither… Maybe there is more to you than meets the eye…

Have you ever really given yourself much thought? …your attitudes, beliefs, dreams, desires, jealousies, idiosyncrasies…your perfection, imperfection, ego, and spirit?

The identity is the ‘persona’ society, family, friends, occupation, and personality assigns. It is, in large part, who we begin to believe we really are. However, it is an illusion. Our identity is simply the costume we put on. It shields the world, and more importantly, ourselves from our true innate power. The identity is life taken on for practical purposes. It is the job, the role, and the placement society deems as necessary. It could be “Doctor”, “Teacher”, “Mother”, “Good Friend”, “Expert”, “Artist”, etc… It is the position that feeds the Ego.

What would happen if you decided to change your identity? Would it be shocking? Would acquaintances think you had lost your mind? Would you be fearful of judgment for changing the identity of who you had been? Would a doctor or lawyer suddenly put aside years of schooling and financial reward to do something completely different? How would you judge such a decision? The simple fact is that it could be changed, which proves it is not who one really is. Identities are illusory… a trick of the mind…physical magic…acting upon the stage of life.

What about personality?…Is it the truth of your being? Personality is the description of an individual. For example: kind, loving, mean, hateful, smart, talented, gifted, quick, pleasant, joyful, lonely etc…

The personality is the ‘adjective’ appraisal of who you are. It is your anger, sweetness, courage, cowardice, guilt, morality, immorality, etc… Are you your personality? The personality can be changed. It can become better or worse in a matter of minutes, hours, days, or over a lifetime. Personality is also illusory. It can be modified, magnified, or settled down through conscious control. For these reasons, the personality is not who you are either. It is another bag of tricks…another game of the mind.

So then, if you are not your identity and you are not your personality, WHO ARE YOU?

Are you ‘your skin color’? The fact that your physical manifestation in this lifetime may be yellow, brown, black or white doesn’t really define YOU. It may define your personality, identity, actions, and reactions to life, but it is not YOU. Are you ‘your religious affiliation’? Religion is simply a road upon which one travels…it is not YOU. Are you a mass of cells, tissue and DNA? Well, that is the vehicle in which you present yourself, but is it YOU?

To define oneself as any of the above is to claim fear of the truth. All of the above, identity, personality, and body are self limitations. They are the chains with which many people enslave themselves. It is the trap of being hypnotized by the realm of the human condition that the ego self holds one hostage.

WHO ARE YOU? You are a magnificent creation with the unlimited ability to create your life. Your truth is wholeness, goodness, love, empathy, compassion, kindness, unity, creativity, and light. You are inspiration. You are The Gift. You are beyond anything that your personality or identity can possible fathom.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? It means…dare to dream. Push yourself beyond what you think possible and experience your greatness. Take a chance on your best investment…YOU. All that is desired in life, first give to yourself: Love, Kindness, Nurturing, Acceptance. By seeing it in yourself, others cannot help but see it.

It is no longer necessary to live the definition of what others have thought. Cast aside the opinions of family, friends, and your own ego. What if the lesson of our lives is to break beyond the barriers of limitation, however they present themselves, in order to discover the expansiveness of our capabilities. Live the life you desire by living the truth of who you are. Create who you wish to portray. Be your own ‘Inspiration’! Support yourself in ‘Becoming’! REDEFINE…WHO YOU ARE!!!

Until the next…Fashion Emergency!!!

Warmest Regards,

Simran Singh