Reflections of a Life Coach

There is a special honor that comes with supporting someones vision.
In holding the same for anothers dreams, a feeling of Oneness occurs as the energy of two come together to amplify the healing, empowerment, growth and support of all concerned. May the following words empower and uplift you to your next best step!
There is a well of power inherent in each one of us, just waiting for “the permission” to surface.
The role of “who you believe yourself to be” versus “the greatest possibility you could be” is one in the same. The difference lies in which aspect you choose to experience.
Every relationship, whether person, illness, object, or experience, is really an opportunity to heal, grow, and expand beyond who we have been.
Change is going to happen, so why not “make” it happen. Feel the fear and do it anyway!
True wealth is embracing your self-worth, knowing you are all you need and want in this very moment.
It is time to hold proudly, with security, all of your precious insecurities. Embrace them, Love them, and Honor them. Show younger generations it is okay to be who they are…as they are.
The greatest illusion of all is the inability of human beings to see their own beauty and perfection.
Surrender is ‘not trying to fix it anymore’ or ‘make it what you want it to be’. Surrender states that you are now willing to devote your energies to the one who really matters…YOU!
When individuals start to realize that life does not have to happen to them, it can actually happen through them, the state of the world will change.
Our greatest fears are simply little children waiting for us to hold their hands and show them the way.
Only when we are able to embrace our greatest vulnerabilities and weaknesses will we find our greatest strength and power.
Where do I begin and you end? We don’t…we are just one. As I reach a hand out, a hand comes back…although it appears to be different, it is really my own.
Seeing people for what is truly going on instead of the symptomatic actions and reactions will further open your heart toward forgiveness. Forgiveness will be the key to unlocking peace within your life and the possibility for all of humanity to unite.
Affirming who you are until you get there will pave the way. I AM… Simran Singh…I honor your place, position and walk upon this planet. Be well.