Sacred Contract

Life consists of many contracts. Some are conscious and others are unconscious. Some contracts are written on paper while others are verbal agreements. How we honor those contracts is what really matters in the end. How we regard ourselves and those we contract between is the measure of our worth.

We keep our contracts safe. There are files, lock boxes, and special cabinets specifically used for the protection and safe keeping of our most valued documents. We hire professionals to help us draw up, in intellectual verbiage, the details and delineations of what we desire to achieve within the agreement. And then we sign as a commitment to follow through.

How does one judge what is the highest most important of all contracts? After all there is a contract of marriage…contracts of friendship…a contract on a home…contracts in business…and so many more areas of our lives that are poised around the rules and guidelines of a piece of paper or conversation.

What if there was a contract made before we got here? What if in some way ‘life’ was a trip we booked…a contract we signed so to speak? And part of the contractual agreement was to live, act, and become a certain something. What if the contract specified the circumstances of our birth, childhood and youth? It determined the life lessons and obstacles we would have to face and overcome and the many routes that would occur based on the choices made? What if the contract allowed us to choose our parents, siblings, and mates? What if they all loved us enough to participate, even though they knew there would be things they would do to sometimes upset, hurt, or anger us? What if the act of participating in our sacred contract was the most supreme act of unconditional love that they could give?

What if there were coordinated contracts where we signed up to participate in their lives as well? Perhaps it was our job to be loving or rebellious, to be kind or hurtful, to be sick or to be the caretaker, to pass on or to be the one left behind…

Looking at life in this way would mean that we would have to stop and be aware. We would have to change the way we perceived the people in our lives, the circumstances we grew up in, and the events that we lived through. It would also mean we would have to remember who we really are and what we were supposed to do on this planet. We would have to remember to love everyone and be forgiving, walk in compassion and empathy, live in service and understanding, be powerful and creative.

All of a sudden we would have to take ownership for ourselves and the way we were acting…being. It would mean making choices for the greater good of all instead of the short termed view of a few. It would mean regarding the world as one, the people of the world as family, and the problems of the world as a disease to be cured within all of us.

Let’s say that part of the contract was to forget it and have to ‘remember’ what we were to do and who we were to be…How does that make you feel to have forgotten who you are? How could you empower yourself in a way that allows you to take dominion over your life and its creation?

Sit down and write a scared contract. Do it in this minute. It is the most important contract you could write in your lifetime.

From this day forward, who do you want to be? How do you want to live your life? How do you wish to perceive the people in your life and their participation? What are the choices you are willing to make to be your greatest self? How do you honor your own magnificence? How do you show up to others?…for others?

Take the time to write a contract. Take a moment to create the life you desire. Give to the world the ‘YOU’ it has been calling for…yearning…and so desperately needing. Be your greatest self. If you have but one life to live …How do you choose to live it?

Until the next…Fashion Emergency!!!

Warmest regards,

Simran Singh