Sanford & the Mirror

There is a lot of media hype about the Sanford family. Have you gotten caught up in it? Have you gotten involved in the drama…and the gossip? Are you allowing this to be a distraction from where you really need to focus? Instead of condemning Govenor Sanford, there should be a place of gratitude, compassion and reflection…    I would like to present you a different perspective. Here is a family that is experiencing something. Many will judge it, have conversations about it and allow their own lives to get consumed by it…when, in actuality it has nothing to do with them. However, it is a mirror, because it is going on within our experience. 
     There is a gift in every situation. There are also people that come into our lives to do great things to support our individual lives as human beings and as souls in learning lessons. The Sanford Family is proving to be one of those great gifts and personal soul learning lessons…not by us judging them, but by seeing them within ourselves.
    What we are dealing with at the core is an issue of betrayal on many levels..betrayal of one’s family and betrayal of one’s own heart. Instead of pointing the finger over there…ask yourself  ‘Where is this going on within me?’ Where am I betraying others? Where am I betraying my own heart?  
    Where in your life are you not following your dreams and desires? It may be in the realm of career, lifestyle, taking care of oneself, exercising, eating right…or in a relationship…maybe that relationship is with yourself.
Where are you betraying others? Are you dumbing down so others feel smarter? Are you living less powerfully or successfully so you do not out do others, Are you not being truthful to friends, family and yourself about what you are really thinking and feeling? These are all acts of betrayal…and acts of adultry to your own soul.
So, let us take the spotlight off of the Sanford family, allow them to heal and grow from this point. Let us each pause to become more conscious of who we are each being within our own lives…and become more authentic, more honest and more powerful.
As you do so, say a prayer for the Sanford family, wishing them hope, love, compassion and grace as they go through this process…for they allowed themselves to be gifts…examples…teachers in a different way. Govenor Sanford has also shown us, with courage, a man willing to stand before all and speak his truth. It is something that we all need to do…speak our truths. In the end, the only one we really need to reconcile with is our own Loving God. In the end the only forgiveness that truly needs to happen is with oneself.
Let us honor the journey of each individual, whatever that may be. I simply know that as human beings, we all suffer pain, we all desire to be loved, we make mistakes, grow and heal. Can you allow yourself to step aside … and focus back in your own world…and allow others to focus on theirs?