SELF INQUIRY: Into the Looking Glass

Self Inquiry takes us into the looking glass and that is where… We can discover the infinite Universe.
Life takes people into many paths, so that we discover our greatest capacity… that of creativity. We are ‘creative capacity’ here to experience and express itself. Each experience is another stroke of color, in which we amass texture and depth. Each high or low gives us dimensionality in a plane that can be as flat as the plains or as rocky as mountains. Through this dimensionality, one can discover more of a face that is beyond the one that we view in the mirror.
We are both the visible and the invisible. It is true… ‘as above, so below’. This statement can be revealed in many contexts, but most importantly, it is illustrated as the thoughts we carry… and the resultant reality created by those thoughts. Peer into the looking glass and see beyond the physical. You may discover the stars… the space… and the infinite spectrum of time that flows through your blood and is embedded in your cells.
You may see the beliefs… the patterns… the behaviors that is the lens you project life through. What is projected outward is the lens of experience. Only through self-inquiry do we realize we carry all of history from which to create from and to be inspired by. (Artwork ‘Self Inquiry by Simran Singh ) 
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