Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

The power of C.H.O.I.C.E. is where we find ourselves on a moment by moment basis. From the smallest of decisions – ‘Should I wear black or brown pants? – to those that are of greater importance – ‘Do I choose to exercise, eat healthier, and be more authentic?’ – to those of great significance on human and soul levels – ‘Do I forgive, let go, and love?’ – we are making layered choices. Every choice contains a tier of others that course through the filters of past experiences.
When we choose to hang on to old behaviors, habits, wounds and failures, we are choosing to stay stuck in the past. When we choose to constantly attain things, make lists, set markers of achievement and compare ourselves to others, we are piling weight on that we must carry into future. All we have is now, today, this moment…this second! Where you are right now is the harvest. It is the culmination of planting seeds, fertilizing, nurturing, and growing stalks of character, personality, expression and experience. Some may be shorter and others taller. Some may be thin. Others may be thick but they are all golden. They are all harvestable. Every stalk is a reason to be grateful because it has created a fine yield of gifts, lessons, connections, and opportunities. As each year moves on, every harvest has brought forth new ground we may seed and grow again.
There is a very important step in the process of harvest. This step requires we make a choice. We take the time to separate the wheat from the chaff. The chaff is not usable; its purpose has been served. It is now to be discarded. However the wheat is the harvest. It is what we are grateful for; it nourishes us. Our past experiences have both the wheat and the chaff. Every circumstance of pain or pleasure has a side that is to be discarded and a part that is to be harvested. By clinging to painful events, wounding, and negative behaviors, we are chewing on the chaff. In doing so the edible grains lay by the wayside. Instead, move beyond the wounds to receive the gifts of the harvest. Every experience has a gift that grows from it but the gift must be chose.  As you knead your grains, ask,
What shall I choose learn from this experience?
What greater part of me is asking to come forward?
Where may I find gratitude for what has happened?
What seed can now be planted in myself?  My life?
We live in a nation that consumes the highest levels of anti-depressants in the world, has the most heart attacks, hypertension, stress disorders and anxiety. Although medications play a very important role in supporting many people, a circular approach to our dis-ease can be more effective. In allowing additional methods that support emotional health, empowerment, physical healing – we bring ourselves into wholeness…into harvest. It is time to harvest the grains of past experience. By doing so, the ground will, once again, be prepared for new seeds to grow. Allow your new seeds to be ones that empower your core, broaden your horizons, open the heart and allow your spirit to soar. Everything begins with C.H.O.I.C.E. !