Settle In… Settle Not… Settle Meant

To reach the heights of what you can be, you must dive into the depths of who you are. To be found, be willing to get lost… Let go and let yourself live!
I am here to tell you something extremely important. You cannot settle. You cannot settle in life. You cannot settle in love. You cannot settle in any area of your experience. If you do, you create the block to all that you desire. Ultimately, you block knowing who you really are…
You know if you have settled. You may not admit it to yourself for a long time, if ever. But it will give you a feeling… a feeling that everything is okay, but something is not quite right. It is a feeling that tries to convince you that where you are is good enough. It will prod you with every reason why it makes no sense to change your current circumstances. But still something is haunting you.
You will look at your life… perhaps others will look at your life, and tell you that you have it good, you should appreciate it, you should count your blessings… you should just be content with what you have. But deep down, something inside churns. It has always rumbled and gnawed at your core. It is a knowing that there is something else. It is beyond space and time and it whispers to you beneath the surface.  It gives you no promises but provides access to all that is possible.
What it speaks of scares you to death because it speaks of your power, your greatness, real love, infinite creativity, and unlimited experiences.
But who are YOU to have all that? How can you know it will come? Can you possibly risk what little… or what all… you have, for something that most would view as pipe dreams or impracticalities. If you do not, will you forever wonder, ‘What if?’
The moment is NOW. Not tomorrow, not next week, or next year… RIGHT NOW! This very moment can alter your destiny. But it will require your courage. You will have to be stronger than you have ever been. No one will likely understand your choices… and it is not for them to. You may not have any support… because you are here to learn that you have all the support you need. No one will cheer you on because they cannot behold the vision you have… or they would have achieved their own destiny.
It will require your letting go. You may have to let go of things you have, people you love, habits and beliefs you have collected. It will test your faith… asking you to leap and leap and leap! And you will be asked to trust.
The easiest way to know your truth is to live in the moment, taking one step at a time. Block out the noise from other people. Stay focused on what you know to be true about yourself. What you do not know, make it up, until you can embody it. And finally, know I am on your side. I walk hand in hand with you. I believe in you.
I believe in your dreams. I believe in the amazing novel your soul has written for you to experience. I cannot wait to see your light continually brighten, because my dear, YOU already shine! I stand in applause for who you have been, who you are , and who you are becoming.
I stand for every mistake, misstep, triumph and victory. I stand for the power that is meant to be revealed.
Do not settle… not now… not ever. You are experience here to experience yourself. Get to living. Get to loving… Get to experiencing experience full out!
In Love, Of Love, With Love…
I AM Simran – –
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