SIGNIFICANT or Insignificant?

Yogaonmt What is so important in your life that you’ve lost sight of the bigger picture? What perspectives are small and constricting; which are large and far reaching? Do you see yourself as SIGNIFICANT, insignificant… or BOTH?  It is easy to become tunnel visioned and only see oneself; and not truly behold the whole… Yet, we are here to be completely present to ourselves. That seems like an oxymoron. It creates confusion, constantly looking out and looking in… it’s not a wonder we are all not suffering from whiplash! But there is a difference… We are here to focus on ourselves. After all… there really is no one else here. It is extremely necessary for evolution – our own and the planet’s – for us to continually focus on ourselves individually. However, many get caught up looking ‘AT’ themselves instead of ‘INTO’ themselves. How do you know the difference? Looking ‘AT’ the self, one tends to live in the land of comparison, the need to be valued by others, the need for recognition, and a desire to be the center of attention. It is self-serving and selfish in the lower vibrational sense. This is a belief of insignificance. It becomes constricting and isolating, feeding on itself until it implodes, or life explodes. Looking ‘INTO’ the self, one tends give the gift of sight, hearing and acknowledgment to themselves. Outer recognition is not as important; communion with the soul trumps all. It, too, is self-serving and selfish, but in a higher vibrational sense. This is a belief in significance . It is expansive and far-reaching. It creates connection, and especially recognition of all else outside of itself as equally Divine and significant. The celebration and integration of the two is the balancing act. It can have us on our heads at times… but the view is still spectacular. In the end, your significance and insignificance is irrelevant because you are BOTH… and you are NEITHER. You are ALL of it… and you are NONE of it. Do you really think you have any control in this place? Control is an illusion. You are simply part of life; both insignificant and significant. It’s perspective that has control over you! Broaden your perspective, and you broaden your horizons. SIMRAN is a coach, catalyst and mentor that supports individuals in recognizing their own personal language with the Universe so that their steps are taken in a more conscious, empowered, loving and enlightened way for self discovery and Divine realization. Books, Cds, & Catalyst Mentoring Sessions at: iamsimran.mentor image_2