Simran's Happy Thanksgiving

 Happy Thanksgiving to all of you… We are at a month when we are more conscious about what there is to give thanks for…During this time we appreciate, family, friends, our material possessions, health, breath, and life. It is necessary to hold this way of thinking in our thoughts all the time, in order to more fully open to truly living out who we all really are.
    On this particular Thanksgiving, I invite you to look at those challenging areas of your life that are not so easy to be thankful for. These situations, experiences, and people show up in our lives specifically to help us grow, move, and change. Where in your life can you view a challenge, hardship, or heart ache as a gift or blessing? Can you give thanks for even those things and people? I would say YES YOU CAN! Why? Because these are the moments that truly define YOU. These are the lessons you really came here to learn…the times that make you stretch…the opportunities that allow you to go deeply inside yourself and discover WHO you really are.
    God bless the joy, laughter, abundance, pain, sadness, and wounds. They are all here for a reason and to be appreciated. 
     So, this Thanksgiving, give thanks for all of it. Give thanks for the economy so that we may get our priorities in order. Give thanks that tragedy helps us recognize how numb we have become so that we feel more compassion towards others. Give thanks for changes in your life that may be supporting you toward a new destiny, relationship, or experience of yourself. Give thanks for that which has come and that which has left. Remember Thanksgiving is the time to give thanks… Particularly give thanks to YOURSELF for being who you have been, handling all you have handled, and continuing to become who you are to become. Give thanks for what has yet to come…  Just BELIEVE…Beyond the Illusion!
Warmest regards,
Simran  “Simmi”  Singh