The part of you that is REGAL…your Higher Self. The part of you that is WHOLE…your Complete Self. The part of you that is POWERFUL…your Allness. The part of you that is KNOWING…your Truth.  Stepping into Majesty only requires two steps…Faith and Surrender. Then you can be called by all of your names…REGAL HIGHER SELF, WHOLE COMPLETE SELF, POWERFUL ALLNESS, KNOWING TRUTH.
     Many times individuals get caught up in the muck and mire of daily living. Life is approached either from  victimhood, control, or acceptance. Unfortunately, more often than not, the triggers and circumstances of the minute by minute preoccupations of our minds remain at the forefront of our lives causing  the fallback approach to be victimhood or control. All of this leads to drama that is chaotic and confusing.
     Victimhood is the approach used when someone just wants to be heard and no one seems to listen. It is the place of misery and lack of control. This position gives all of your power to those outside of you. Instead of living your life, you stay locked in the mindset of living in the thoughts of what other people have done to you. Remaining within the events that occurred, the hurt, the blame, the misfortune, the injustice of it all only serves as self abuse. It is a way to repeatedly beat up, bruise, and mentally batter yourself in order to justify the hurt that you ‘think’ you should feel. At that point it really is not about what others have done to you…it has now become what you are doing to yourself. The illusion is that you still believe the problem lays with the other individual.
     Another response to the situations in life lays within the realms of control. Control means fixing it, making it work, manipulating, gripping with tight fists, and simply not letting go. Control comes in the form of saying what something has to be, what it must look like, how it has to be done, and the ability to still not think it is right and want to change it.  ‘Control’ is a hidden form of ego. The negative slant on ‘Control’ is ‘arrogance’, ‘better than’, and ‘childish’. It is the inability to believe in anything. It is not being able to relax and allow things to naturally unfold.  It is believing that you know better than even the Highest Power of the universe. It is also part of being human until becoming conscious of our personal ‘control mechanism’. Everyone has some level of ‘control’ they wield in life, some positive and some negative.
    True power, wholeness, and truth come from a place of acceptance. Through finding acceptance for life’s rewards, challenges, injustices and disappointments, an individual begins to take hold of their own lives. Creating one’s destiny means not allowing outside interference be anything other than one of many situations in life to view, experience, move through, and learn from. The situations in life are handed to us as gifts, to pass through in order to gain strengths in particular areas. They enhance life through experience. They build character by establishing a basis for self love and strength so that the inner constitution grows. These situations hone the level of knowing so that an individual’s purpose and voice may be more fully realized. They are meant to be mirrors of where work on our interior landscapes needs to be focused. They are the opportunities to set oneself free of self-imposed limitations.
     The essence of each individual is ‘Majesty’. It is the elegant, graceful, beautiful, worthy wholeness that you truly are. An individual’s Majesty is what they come here to remember. We are all Kings and Queens whose throne is waiting. We need only recognize ourselves and step into the majesty. How does one get there?
     ‘Stepping into Your Majesty’ requires two things… Faith and Surrender. Release the control of situations. Let go of the pain and hurt. Allow life. Allow yourself to experience love…through giving it to yourself. Surrender the situations that trigger, bring forth emotion, and drop you to your knees. All of the things in your life that make you feel ‘less than’ or ‘challenge the ability to feel good’ are a cry to ‘Let Go’. Your soul is saying that you deserve more than you allow yourself to have.
     The soul is asking you to step back…reflect…hear your own voice…find your center…find your power…find your truth…find your knowing…find yourself.
     Surrender is ‘not trying to fix it anymore’, ‘make it into what you want it to be’, or ‘know the outcome’. Surrender just states that you are now willing to devote your energies to the one who really matters…YOU.
The second step is Faith. Faith is knowing that it is already okay. Faith is knowing that you are strong enough to get through anything. Faith is knowing that somebody somewhere has got your back…and you do not even need to know who that is. It is resting in the emotions as they are, feeling whatever comes up, and allowing it to pass through and be honored. Faith is knowing that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. It is understanding that when you are supposed to be somewhere else, you will show up. Faith is taking one breath at a time and not thinking about the next one or the one that just left. Faith is trusting your core essence …the essence that connects all things.
BELIEVE…Beyond The Illusion!!! 
Warmest Regards,
Simran Singh