Strength & Perseverance

The brand new issue of 11:11 Magazine is available and focuses upon the strength of the human spirit and the perseverance we have within this hero’s journey. Some of the wisdom gained from contributors from the serving in Afghanistan, battling Stage 4 cancer and…
The beautiful voices in this issue have gained wisdom and understanding from diving into the worlds hard and ark spaces. Such moments touch something deeply soulful.
Things do not happen to us randomly. They occur to serve us; especially those things that are the most painful to bear.
Most experiences arise to avail the opportunity of transmuting legacies of cultural pain, and deep ancestral grief of a pattern that has repeated over generations. The willingness to embrace the moment – whatever it brings… whatever it asks for in creation – supports collective healing and evolution.
The will to persevere is as much human as it is a path to the Divine. Strength builds from persistence. In continuing forward, however slow or swift, the opening of surrender TO WHAT IS evokes a new level of understanding to both, strength and perseverance… now equating them to faith and trust.
Strength that was once external, becomes internal faith through vulnerability. Preference that was once the warrior on the outside, now becomes a deep sense of trust within through intimacy.
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