At the time the Berlin wall went up, there were many people that never saw their loved ones again. Their lives changed completely and they died never seeing or speaking to the the people they held within their hearts. What an experience it must be to know that just on the other side of a wall is the person you are desperately trying to reach, do not know how to communicate with, and cannot fathom how to express your deepest feelings. Emotions may range from intense love, sadness, and mourning to anger, frustration, and shock.
     What would you do if all of a sudden a wall went up and you could never speak to, hold, or look at the person or people you love most in the world? What if you had to walk away from everything you had known and start a new life? What if you had to make the conscious decision that the life you had known had come to an end, died away, and was no more? But then all of a sudden, a person approaches you and says…”I can get one letter across, just one, for you to say everything that is in your heart. You have to choose one person to write to…only one. When it is ready, I will smuggle it over.”
     What would your letter reflect? Would it hold the part of you that remained entrenched in the past; the part of you that had been mistreated and victimized…the part that was angry and in pain? Or, would you search for soft memories, dreams never known but imagined, and the essence of what that relationship meant to you?
     As sad as this scenario sounds, it occurs on a daily basis in an illusory sense. As people, we build up walls around our hearts, perceiving the world from a different vantage point than what is real and true. The ones we love most are also the ones we hurt most and get hurt by the most…simply because we are so attached to them. But we are more attached to what we expect out of them. Sometimes we place unreal expectations upon people to behave a certain way, be a certain way, or look a certain way. We put the burdens of our personal happiness upon their shoulders and place them so high on pedestals that they cannot help but to fall off. �
     The ‘Love’ part of ourselves gets taken over by the fear of losing them. In the end that fear becomes the bricks and mortar of the walls of the heart. The fear of separation causes separateness. The sense of lack allows the perception of lack, even if it does not exist. Holding on too tight, pushing to control the outcome and refusing to accept the things you cannot change, builds the wall so high that oxygen (breathing) and blood (feeling) can no longer reach the heart (life) and it dies within you. It appears battered and bruised, cracked beyond recognition, hardened and cold. All of a sudden you walk away in despair, bitter at the world that the person you loved the most has gone. When in actuality, you left.
     What most do not realize is that the heart is the strongest organ. It can withstand great amounts of emotion and remain in tact. The mind believes it can be damaged or will change. But that is the grand illusion. Find one home that has not suffered loss, heart ache, sadness, or death. Go to one home that has not experienced the miracles of love, birth, laughter, and joy. The journey is the experience all emotions. You bought the ticket, you boarded the plane, you chose a destination and must fly until you get there. The pilgrimage of self growth, experience, and introspection is the purpose of life. All of this and more is given to us as a gift for the sake of wisdom…of knowing the depths of how strong we are…of who we are…of the greatness we each posses. 
     Now, write your letter. Say the words that rest deeply within your heart before you placed all of the layers of expectation, hurt, blame, guilt and sadness upon them. Allow your deepest experiences of the individual to come forward. Open to your unspoken dreams, visualizing them with full emotion at every step. And then, know it can all be yours if you hold the vision, have the desire, and operate from unconditional love…with no expectation of what it is going to look like.
Ask yourself “What would ‘LOVE’ do?”
Then…‘Be LOVE’.
And…watch it reflect back to you…watch the rays of compassion and empathy crumble the walls of resistance, fear and control.
Create the life you desire…Do not place that responsibility on someone else…
It’s time for all of the walls to come down…and you to be freed from your own prison.
BELIEVE…Beyond the Illusion!!!
Warmest regards,
Simran Singh�