Have you ever looked at the world and wondered…’Where did all of the dysfunction come from?’ Have you ever looked at another person’s world and have judgment regarding their dysfunction? Have you looked at your own world and chosen to hide, ignore, or pretend there is no dysfunction? Have you thought to ‘THANK’ the dysfunction? Could there possibly be a function to dysfunction?
     So often people go through life trying to pretend or show the world they are fine. They portray that life is perfect. ‘They’ are not among the masses that have ‘issues’. Life becomes a mundane experience where feeling begins to wane and the joys that occur simply go unnoticed.
     Often the contemplation of dysfunction within the home or the dysfunction experienced in childhood remains as a blemish that stains the aura like a veil resting over the face. Often times, people smile and laugh, appearing to be content and having it together but something in their eyes betrays them. It may not even be a matter of grave concern. However it is strong enough to tug at the heartstrings. This pull causes a shift in perspective on what the world is like. As the viewpoint continues, more of the same seems to enter the picture.
All people experience pain. All people have dysfunction in their lives. It is part of the human condition from which we discover who we are.  And for each person, regardless of their personal experience or circumstance, pain is no less intense than any other individual’s. Regardless of the issue, sadness is sadness when it hits your heart with maximum intensity…if you are grieving your experience of grief is relevant…if you are rageful then your rage is no less significant than any other. The importance falls on allowing yourself to feel your experience, move through the full emotional experience, accept that a situation occurred, and know that you survived it. Dysfunction remains when resting within comes repeated reaction and gripping of connected emotion; feeling the need to ‘live there’ to prove the experience of it.
What is wrong with recognizing dysfunction? Only in recognizing it, can we understand what it came here to tell us. To sweep it under the rug, get mad at it, or just claim it to be a part of life wastes the purpose of it. Dysfunction exists as a means to grow. It is the arena that allows sight of the ‘Shadow self’ along with an opportunity to discover the ‘True Self’. The Shadow self is meant to emerge. Meet it and learn when it is appropriate to let it reveal itself. Sometimes the Shadow is quite a necessary aspect of ourselves. It protects, fights for and stands for its host.
     Dysfunction also allows the gift of compassion…of forgiveness…of understanding…of love. It is a way to see ourselves and experience the behavior we portray. It is a method of moving and growing through relationships with others and our own many fragmented parts. It is an opportunity to know we always have another choice…another way to respond…another way to behave…another way to see and react.
There is a function to dysfunction. It has a relevant function in personal life to bring people to a higher expression of themselves through their own choosing. There is necessity of its workmanship within relationships of all kinds. It then has a purpose on a global scale. Because when we can recognize, understand, and correct the dysfunction in our lives we can then move to recognize, understand, and consciously collaborate to correct the dysfunction that exists in the world.     
It is time to heal our world…one person at a time…one relationship at a time…one home at a time…one state…one nation…and one world…because we are all One.
BELIEVE…Beyond The Illusion!!!
Warmest regards,
Simran Singh