The Heart's Quest

     Let this moment be the moment… you commit to yourself.
     Early childhood and life teaches to commit to others, living life as they see you. The human condition is a process of losing the sense of self, along with our real senses… while also being the adventure of rediscovery…self discovery.
     Most tend to become people pleasers, allowing for the codependent generational tendencies of times past. However with each generation, there are those that slowly pull away from entanglements to reclaim truths closer to our original inheritance. But often through that process, new beliefs and conditions are placed upon those that follow, continuing the process of evolution that is the human incarnation.
    If life is not working, not purposeful, or not completely fulfilling, commit to yourself now… while-heartedly. The more each step is committed fully to self, the great gift of modeling to others is given, freeing them from their toes that bind. Each individuals quest is to be toward establishing ones grounding of inner authority. Only then can life be one lived from the heart, and in tune with the soul’s leading.
In Love…