The Higher Self Knows

Have you ever considered what your Higher Self might want to say to you? So often we get so caught up in who we are and the daily grind we live… we do not really know how the truer version of the Self really feels. What I can tell you is that it does not judge you, has never felt you did anything wrong, and celebrates your journey as everything it needs to be. Do you even fathom the gift you give to the Higher Self… an opportunity to know itself and frolic in this playground call earth school. It gets to have physicality and experience!
How about lighten up on yourself… Have a laugh at all the crazy you created… and believe you me… you got some CRAZY SHIFT going on! I sure do! And its an adventure… we are each allowed our own, despite what others might think! Why take it all so seriously? I mean you can always come back and do it again! I hear you…. ‘I don’t want to do this again.” Well then make this amazing movie count for all that you want it to be! In the grand scheme of things… Earth School is your ’15 minutes’… how BIG will you let it be? Are you really, REALLY going to let others tell YOU the rules to YOUR OWN GAME? C’mon now! What is the point of that? That is a waste of your experience. LIVE LIFE ON YOUR OWN TERMS! 

Can you decree that you will not settle for anything less than the highest, greatest, most amazing adventure of a lifetime? Go ahead… I dare you! I DARE YOU! There is NO EXCUSE big enough not to. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE that makes logical sense for holding back the full gift of life that was intended upon you… NOT A ONE. 

Oh, you can convince yourself of all the reasons… ‘I have kids… I have responsibility… I have bills to pay… What would my partner think? I don’t have the money… the time… the support.’ 

Well that sounds like a bunch of ‘not-no-balls’ soup… and if you think I am being a little irreverent… I AM. Do you really think the all powerful Source Creator would hold you back from your heart dreams if you went after them?I would venture to guess, YOU are the ONE GOD is waiting on so things can be lined up to match that desire! 

So here you go… a lot of people use the term Namaste… a beautiful word that means ‘The Divine in Me Honors The Divine in You’ … Say it to everyone… everything. As you do so honor it as those words to the other. However on the inside, let yourself hear it as something else… ‘NO-MISTAKE…NO-MISTAKE’ … meaning there are NO MISTAKES!!! YOU just cannot make one! Because all roads lead to the Light of yourself… Be Light… Be Enlightened… and Lighten Up already! Instead… Have some ‘Got-some-balls’ soup! YOUR ONE AND ONLY… TRULY DIVINE… LADY HA-HA! 

Namaste… No-mistake! In Love, Of Love, With Love & Laughter!


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