The Newly Evolved YOU

On this 11-11-11 Day, may you be blessed with the highest evolutionary activation possible…
Do you know the gifts of today?
Today holds a powerful gateway of energetic opening. It began last night and will continue through Sunday. 11-11-11 is important because it is the day you consciously become aware of that part of you that can now rest…that can now relax into you. You may have experienced a heaviness, achiness or even headaches in the wee hours. This is the letting go- shedding process occurring as we detox old systems and ways from our being-ness. Do not fight it… There is a part of each one of us that has struggled, toiled, pushed, and tried all we can to… be loved, accepted, acknowledged, understood, and cherished. It is the part that has fought, become wounded, was loyal, served you and stood for as your protector…your soldier…and veteran. It is time for that wounded soldier to be rest and be honored.
There are no coincidences in life. There are only messages and meanings. It is no coincidence that today is Veteran’s Day as well as 11-11-11.
Veterans, particularly today, are here to represent you…the part of you that has fought and been wounded, grown weary and suffers from your own traumas, the part of you now standing and walking through the gate… ready, willing and very able to own your power, presence, and Divinity. We each are called to be present to the true birthright that we came in knowing, but forgot.
Allow your Self to move forward today, honoring not only the wonderful men and women that serve our country, those that serve others, those that live, die and become wounded for the reasons that are of the ego…understand that the power rests in your hands to change things on this planet for Go(o)d.
The evolved human path opens you to experience your creativity and greatness as your experience so that those ideas, words, thoughts, and feelings flow out to connect in community and unity with others to solve the problems of the world.
11-11-11…We are the 1’s!
In blessing, respect, deep love and gratitude for your presence…The Divine Me honors the Divine YOU!
Lovingly, Simran