The Power of Leading

What is TRUE LEADERSHIP? What do GIVING and RECEIVING look like in Leadership? True leadership is a state of expansive giving and receiving. Giving means…
to play fullout in expression and experience. Receiving is to allow oneself complete access to the gifts that are inherent. In doing so, the ongoing engagement with infinity courses through the world in rippling waves.
This is leading by example… In this manner, giving of self allows others to receive how powerful they are… how capable… how gifted. You model for them as a mirror. Receiving of self allows you to know the full expression of your Divinity; being open to allow the heart to receive others, their Divinity and the oneness between both. You model to self… self-respect. IN addition, you assist n creating an interdependent world, rather than a codependent one.

What powerful step of self-respect and leadership can you make today?

  • What can you leave, or let go of, that is codependent?
  • What dream will you embark on that fills you up?
  • What new expression will you experience to empower yourself?
  • What person will you hold as capable, leaving them to live their own life, have their lessons and discover their gifts?
  • Will today be the day that you choose YOU?

If so… you will LEAD BY EXAMPLE! This is the moment. Today is your day!
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In Love, Of Love, With Love, As Love… I AM SIMRAN  –