All of us have something; at least one thing that we are insecure about. We each have an aspect, attribute or place on the body where the mind or eye constantly goes and checks. It is the thing we try most to ignore or pretend not to exist. It is the thing that is used as a guage in comparison to others… What is your greatest insecurity?
     What is the aspect? attribute? characteristic? or body part? that makes you cringe when you face it in the mirror? What do you choose not to see and in doing so magnify the presence of? How does this part haunt you, showing up time and time again as the one thing you wish you could fix, erase or discard?
     Perceptions are an amazing thing. It is what drives our economy: the perception of beauty, wealth, success, happiness. It is showcased in the magazines and on the theater screen. It is personified in televison ads and billboards. It is taught to us by our parents, friends, peers, and teachers.
     Beauty is a particular height, coloring, shape, and look. It is an age, a size and a personality. At least, that is what is held up and believed. But that is such a limited view and much like a circus act. It is as if those with ‘true beauty’ sit in a cage for all to see as the rarity because it is assumed as rare. What about everyone else? Do they fall by the wayside as hovering wanna-be’s? That is what we would be led to believe.
     Wealth is having the ‘crib’ that is decked out, fortified with electronics, serene colors, and modern furniture. It is the walk in closet with cubicles for shoes and a separate section for each color wardrobe. It is his and her bathrooms amongst a collection of various others to visit. There is too much money in the bank, too many cars in the driveway, and a whole lot of ‘Bling’. It is being the host of fabulous parties or being invited to such. It is exotic vacations and the newest experiences. It is extreme plastic surgery, $500 cold cream and dogs with diamond collars. It is having something to talk about as the latest and greatest purchase, activity, or association. Or at least, that is what is portrayed in so many ways by so many venues. 
     Success is having everything you want…and everything everyone else wants. It is ‘The house’, ‘The car’, ‘The mate’, ‘The perfect kids’, ‘The dogs’, ‘The job’, ‘The bling’, and ‘The lifestyle’. It is looking like you have it all together all the time. Or, at least that is the illusion we are told to believe.
     Happiness is all of the above in a neat little package with a bright big bow. It is beauty, success, and wealth. Why wouldn’t you be happy? Or at least that is what we would be told to believe.
     Do you think the people that depict those things in the ads and on the billboards have insecurities? Could they possibly look at another in envy of what they have, how they live, or who they are? Is it possible that they stand in front of a mirror, just like you and have questions about being good enough? pretty enough? rich enough? social enough? worthy enough? sane enough? spiritual enough? healthy enough? happy enough? smart enough? enough? enough? enough?
     The most violent thing you can ever do is compare yourself to another. It is greater than any act of violence you could ever experience. Why? Because the mental beration that occurs is no different that cutting yourself to pieces, placing a dagger in your heart, or a bullet in your gut. It is no different than being tied up and being held hostage. It is the equivalent of being locked up in a cell, never to be released. It is the method you use to place yourself in a tight limited little square of who you ‘think’ you are.
     When you compare and speak to yourself in that manner, you imprint dialogue into your subconscious mind that is an endless loop of tape that keeps running. It works to locate the comments and situations necesary to prove itself right; and bring down the self image. It is not loving and definitely not honoring to the truth that you are…the truth you have been told to hide and ignore…the inherent truth that YOU ARE beauty, success, wealth, and happiness.
Beauty is recognizing all of the inherent differences, little nuances, and quirky attributes that make you individual. These special ‘so called insecurities’ are the true essence of your individuality and what creates the masterpiece that you are. It may be the scar on your forehead, the shape of your body, the hair on your face, or the slant of your eyes. It might be the snorty laugh, the little skip when you walk, the stutter in your speech or your height. These are not flaws or things to be embarrassed or consious of. They are things that they make an individual complete and unique; the light that needs to shine.
Wealth is banking on what you know to be true about yourself. It is embracing your self worth, knowing  you are all you need and want in this very moment.
Success is walking tall and expressing who you are. It is allowing others to see your insecurities as part of your magnificence. It is not having to apologize for anything.
Happiness is allowing yourself to be fully present to you, your experience as you, and the experience of others with you. Happiness is knowing that you are an intricate piece of a puzzle that is so necessary for the rest of this planet to function; regardless of your role, what you do, or what your net worth is.
     It is time to hold proudly, with security, all of your ‘precious’ insecurities. Embrace them, Love them, Honor them…and Keep them. Let’s show  younger generations that it is okay to be who they are…as they are…
We can be the change we wish to see if only we…
BELIEVE…Beyond The Illusion
Warmest regards,
Simran Singh