The Shadow Effect – A MUST SEE Movie for everyone!

I just had the amazing experiencing of interviewing Debbie Ford for 11:11 Magazine regarding her new movie The Shadow Effect. I must say every person on earth needs to see this movie and do this work. It is only when we truly allow ourselves to see that shadow, embrace it and allow it to be utilized in those moments it is so truly valuable that we allow our greatest light to come forward and shine with the power we are to be on this planet.
I urge each and every one of you to see, view, buy, having a showing…however you need to do it …and if you can get the interactive edition which helps you do the work.
It is powerful not to mention the movie itself is bold and candid, really placing in one’s face the examples of society where the Shadow made itself known because of how vehemently it had been denied. If all of humanity sees this movie…it will be getting them to do the work that will help us evolve as higher beings.
I would love to hear your comments after reviewing the movie.
 Here are a few questions that will support you in seeing how much of yor shadow is present and is waiting to be acknowledged.
1. How long have you been working on the same issues, be they in the areas of your career, health, intmate relationships or finances?
2. In the past twelve months, how many times have you misplaced something important, gotten a traffic ticket, had an accident, or destroyed something of value?
3. How often do you find yourslef feeling inadequate, not good enough, unworthy or unloved?
4. What is the primary focus of your life right now?
5. Imagine that your life is a house with many rooms – some you like, some you feel ashamed of. How many people do you allow to see all of yor rooms?
Debbie Ford will be featured in the Nov/Dec issue themed around ‘An Open Heart’ Subscriptions available at . Debbie Ford will also be on 11:11 Talk Radio show November 5th at 4 PM PST / 7 PM EST Live.
Warmest Wishes,
Simran Singh