FEAR…Where does it show up in your life? Can you call it by name? Do you know what your greatest fears really are? Or, perhaps, are those the excuses that the true face of fear hides behind?
If you ask people what they fear most, you are likely to get responses like: ‘failure, pain, war, sickness, poverty, losing someone, being alone or death’. For some people, the answers may appear more mundane to the outside world but are no less intense, for example ‘being with people, being the focus, trying for a new position, changing careers or being a grown up’. Regardless of what the fear is…our focus on its presence in our lives is what guides and motivates our choices and responses.
The personality that approaches life from this level of fear is not who we truly are. This is the false self, the personality we cling to, so that we do not have to reveal our true nature. This false self is who we have succumbed to for the purposes of fitting in with the crowd, people pleasing, and remaining loyal to the tribe. The false self wears fear like a coat of gooey globby gelatin that restricts our motion and movement. As time passes, the energetic coating becomes layered, to the extent, that it can be paralyzing to growth and life. The paralysis that ensues extinguishes hope, joy, and the passion required to pursue dreams.
We become so locked down in statements like, ‘I am afraid to try.’ ‘What if I fail?’ ‘What if no one loves me?’ ‘I do not want people to see me.’ that we get caught up in our own minds with illusions of every possible negative outcome that could occur. Within our heads, we live out the illusions and scenarios of defeat…of our worst fears…simply to keep us from remembering the truth of who we are.
To remember our truth would mean to re-member, or put back together, the fragments of ourselves we have let slip away or become hidden. In actuality, we are all magnificent beings, capable of absolutely anything we desire…however we let the negative ego convince us otherwise.
As I went into meditation this morning, I set the intention to know what the true face of fear looked like. Before me lay three screens. I knew flashing neon lights were at the top ready to reveal my answer when I chose to look up. I finally gained the courage to look at the top of the first screen and the word ‘Success’ appeared to me.
As I think about how we behave as a society of ‘human doings’, I see how we maintain the busy-ness just so we do not have to realize our true potential and greatness. We are all far more than we allow ourselves to be. The fear is not failure or trying…it is not standing out and being noticed…that is what the false self would have us believe. The true fear is actually being successful, knowing how that would feel, and what that would look like in our lives. Success can mean different things to people but could you possibly imagine having absolutely everything that would make you feel your life is successful? Could you handle it?…Could you let yourself experience it? Can you open yourself to receive it? Are you willing to take the steps to achieve it?
I moved to the second screen, amazed by my first answer and not quite sure what would come next. I looked above the second screen. The word ‘Love’ appeared. Love is the one thing everyone desires, craves, and searches for. It is the thing we place so dominantly outside ourselves. What would the fullest experience of love be in your life? How would it show up? What would your experience of yourself become? Would you recognize love if it did walk your way…and then could you receive it? After receiving it, could you hold onto it? Are you willing to do what it takes to know love?…have love?…be love?…do love?
The final screen was before me. I had already received two answers that were completely unexpected so I had no idea of what may surface above this screen. The final word that appeared was Happiness/Joy. Could it be possible that humans actually are afraid of the true experience of Joy? Would it fill us so much that we would overflow…burst open…and float so high that we may never come down? Why would we be afraid of Happiness/Joy? It could be because we have always been taught that good things never last. Perhaps we heard that be careful if things get too good, the rug is going to be snatched out from under you. But what if it couldn’t. What would that feel like in your life? Who would you be? How would you allow others to experience you so that they may understand how to be joyful? Are you willing to receive happiness…be happiness? Are you ready to claim joy for your life and keep yourself on that high regardless of what shows up?
I was surprised that I … you… all people truly fear the good in life. What are the things that we do to keep it away fro us? How do we self-sabotage so that the experience of what we truly desire remains an illusive dream?
It is important to acknowledge our fears to be able to let them go. There is no shame in being afraid to be successful, to be loved fully and completely, or to have the full experience of joy in your life. When you surface these unconscious issues that you hold about life, then change can come. Allow your false self to step aside. Tell it you are tired of its incessant ramblings…let the real face of fear come forward in your mind…nurture and embrace it…and then let it go so that you can step forward and be powerful in your life.
Are you willing to face your true fears?
Can you see its face in your life?
Is it time to acknowledge it…speak to it…let it go…and claim your truth?
BELIEVE…Beyond the Illusion!!!
Warmest Regards,
Simran Singh