I awoke this morning with the thoughts of a ‘projector’ on my mind. A projector is a little machine that has the ability of taking a small slide or negative and putting that image outside onto something else through the use of light. Then, I started to think about ‘us’…human beings. We are living walking projectors. Each and everyone one of us is a being of light, the luminescent beautiful creation of a higher source of energy. Within that essence is the ability to shine that light out in a whole, positive and purposeful way or to allow the light to be somewhat fragmented producing a a less complete emanation of who and what we are.

As I went through a workshop this weekend, I could not help but notice how people judge one another. Judgment is a big word with an immense base of power. I say this because the judgments have the ability to alter reality. For example, the person being judged will react in some way to the comment. It may produce a physical, verbal, and/or emotional reaction. It will also impact the individual into allowing another belief, be it positive or negative, into the dialogue they unconsciously speak to themselves. This creates a ripple in the life of the individual spoken about. Imagine a calm pool of water and an outside droplet falling into it…all of a sudden the whole image changes, ripples, and reverberates outwardly. The way the person perceives life, as well as herself, will now be changed.

On the other hand, the judgment will also impact the speaker. If they work to become conscious of what they are really saying, their awareness will allow for growth and positive change within themselves. However, if they do not become conscious of what they are’really’ saying, the behavior and/or person they are judging will become increasingly aggravating and intolerable.. The more ‘heat’ there is on the comment, the more inner reflection must be done. How powerful that person is over you that it generates a response? What could someone outside of yourself do to cause such a trigger that you would have to make a judgment about that individual? What frame of mind are you coming from? What is the self-talk that speaks within you to even recognize a behavior and then become affected by it?

Let’s go back to the projector. Remember, it is an instrument that reflects outwardly the image that has been placed inside of it. We are simply moving, living projectors. We project outwardly what we are feeling within. Now take that one step further. We project outwardly what IS within. It is only within our ability and consciousness to speak, react, and feel about something that is intimate to ourselves. What we judge about another is that which we will find most inherent within ourselves.

For some, this concept will be intriguing and allow an openness to test and investigate. For those individuals, you will begin a path toward inner knowing, self reflection, healing, and growth. Why? Because you will begin to discover your patterns of behavior. Only in consciously knowing about something can you consciously change it.

For others of you, this concept will be upsetting. You may go into denial about some of the judgments you have upon another person. However, take the information at face value and then just become aware of the judgments that others have. Are they judging behaviors and manners that they have enacted themselves? Just be aware…

Mind you, judgments can be positive comments or negative comments. You may say to another, “Beth has such a wonderful, generous, heart. She is always thinking of others.” You can only see in another what you are yourself. Are you not thinking of another in that moment and being appreciative of her nature and spirit, thus being generous of your love, kindness, and positive encouragement.

Another example might be, “Judy is such a gossip. She is always talking about other people and badmouthing them.” How in that moment is the individual acting out what she finds so repulsive?

It is natural and prevalent in human nature to view what is outside of us. However, it is of our spiritual nature to remain within ourselves…our own individual worlds. When we step into someone else’s world, into their business…we are simply giving away our own power to something that can not serve us and will, in the end, only weaken our experience.

Every time you find yourself involved with the happenings of another, their reactions, conflicts, and drama…be aware of the amount of your own energy that is getting usurped. You are using energy that can be useful to your own needs, wants, desires, dreams, and manifestations. So many times, it is inviting to jump into other people’s lives because there is a fear of living one’s own. Do you really want drama in your life? …or would peace of mind be a better fit.

So, it seems that day by day, week by week we can work on our projections. Be aware of how often you are charged to speak about another. Take a breath and realize in that moment, you were about to take time away from yourself and give it up to another. Take the time to tinker with your projector. Bring the fragments of ‘your’ light back into focus so that you can fully see the picture of beauty within yourself as you view the images of your projector. KNOW yourself…SEE yourself… BE who you were really sent here to be!

Until the next…Fashion Emergency!!!

Warmest Regards,

Simran Singh