What is True Love?

You are two parts… shadow and Light, angel and demon… Lover and Beloved. What would Lover say to Beloved in the human sense, in the soul sense… beyond all sense? This is the greatest Love story of all time… epic, uber, legendary… and it too is ‘YOUR JOURNEY TO LOVE’.
My Love, My Beloved, you are a Master of the experience, weaving your craft, threading stories – some poetic and with melodic verse, others through drama deception and intricacy – but all with the lyrical beauty that seeped into the veins of all time, depositing nuggets of gold within the cosmos. These planted seeds grow into harvests of worlds upon worlds. They fan embers laying still in the darkness, anointing them with resuscitative breath that one day grows into a passionate flame. The more you father on the outside, more deeply may you mother on the inside. This inter coursing of infinity is the most sacred love affairs of all time. A God unknown to itself becoming known.
You long to paint pictures with words, thoughts of unreal worlds so to bring about  a real world. Your longing and belonging bridges the two. This is your sacred and holy matrimony; an incredible romance of soul, the Lover and Beloved, in honor of the greatest epic of all time, the hero’s journey. Rest in that. Rest… Rightfully Expressing Source Truth
With Sound, Mind and Body, Light and Essence… The Lover, The Beloved
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