Truly Giving… & Receiving – Happy Holidays

During this blessed and holy time, I wish to express my wishes of abundance, love, health and connection to you and yours. I honor the beauty of who you are… the heart that you hold and the infinite possibility that rests within. In these moments where family and friends unite, our hearts can be opened in an even greater way to hold the space for those all around us that we do not know, have not connected to or hold a grievance with. 
The holidays are Holy Days because they remind us to be more of who we are… they help us tap into the generous and joyful nature that is the truth of each one of Us. What if we were to hold this resonance all year long? On these days, we desire to give gifts to those we know and do not know, give food to the needy, donate goods to those less fortunate and help others. I ask you to check in with yourself… is this a practice you do during the holidays, or all year long? If only during the holidays… Why not all year long? Are you really doing it for them… or are you doing it for yourself? 
I honor who you are and the generous nature you have. It is a blessing to give and a blessing for others to receive. But every action has a motive and it stems from an inner belief of self. If you are giving to make yourself feel good… or worthy… then you are not giving in the fullness of your own nature. You are actually doing so out of a selfish motive. Now, before you become upset with me or offended, I bring this to your attention simply to say there is an illusion here, held in mind… and if cleared can help to clear the world… your inner world and your outer world.
You are enough as you are. Your presence is enough. In knowing that, truly knowing that… then perhaps you can also realize each and every person on the planet is enough as well. We are each whole and complete Divine beings that are here to remember that Divinity. We are each souls who chose certain stories to play out in order to remember the gifts, the greatness and the Divinity that is inherent. When you choose to know this for yourself, you can choose to know this of others and simply hold the space for their remembrance. All others truly require of any of us is Time and Presence. Sharing and Connecting. Inspiring and Uplifting. Reminding of and Reintroducing what has been forgotten.
I am certainly not saying anything is wrong with gift giving or expressions of charity… but it is time for all of us to move deeper than even this. What if every individual on the planet simply chose to perform random acts of kindness and presence for those they know… and those they do not know? How could our world change and how quickly? Often we ask, what can one person do? We believe our individual acts cannot make a difference… but how can you know whose life and how many are changed by your simple acts of kindness and sharing? Will you allow that to be your pledge, your gift to yourself and others as we move forward? Will you open to the infinite cycle of giving and receiving in this manner?
Imagine the picture we all know, YOU are the drop… part of the whole, yet individual. As you rise in your individuality as to how you express and share in the world, and return to center, there is a rippling out in the whole. The part of this picture that one never sees is the conclusion of the ripple effect. Once your action has rippled completely out, hitting the outer most edges of the whole, it ripples back in… touching you – raising you back up – expanding your force and nature… filling you so that you may again express, experience and touch again.
Thank you for the blessed holy drop that YOU are… and I am honored and open to experience the sacredness and rippling of you in the world. Here is to your random acts of kindness… large and small… in individuality and unity… in expansion and evolution of the Self. Happy Holidays in these Joyful Holy Days.  
In Love… Of Love… With Love & Laughter.

Simran Singh
11:11 Magazine & Believe Center
P O Box 13795 – Charleston, SC 29422