What if there were a way to obtain a remote that let you pause your life, look back at past events to remember things and fast forward over the uncomfortable situations in life such as illness, arguments, hectic moments, and times of stress? How much of your life would you have skipped over…how much of your life do you skip over now?

I watched an amazing movie over the weekend entitled ‘CLICK’ with Adam Sandler. I feel everyone needs to see this movie just to put into perspective how time can pass us by without truly experiencing what is going on. It is a movie about a man that is quickly becoming a work-a-holic for the sake of giving his family a better life. The end quest from all of this work is to actually have more time with the family. However, work takes over and family gets left behind. He comes across a gentleman that gives him a remote that will adjust his universe, allowing him to pass forward and then be able to review parts of his life as well.

Once he begins to see how easily he can skip over arguments, stressful times, illness and other ‘uncomfortable situations, he creates a pattern within the remote that lets it occur whenever one of those situations happens. However, when this does occur, the part of him that experiences life is a person, on auto pilot so he does not remember anything that happens. During skipping all of what he terms as uncomfortable, he misses out on significant things such as his children growing up, his wife trying to save the marriage and then leaving, and his father’s death. He finds himself having reached the success he has always desired but in the process has lost everything that has meant anything to him in life along with time and memory.

So many times we become bogged down in all of the things that are going wrong in our lives that we also pass over the small but significant moments that occur within those bubbles of time. However, it is the challenging times that the nuggets of life emerge and can be most cherished if we choose to acknowledge them.

Too much emphasis is placed on hard work, the mighty dollar, and the need to achieve within the minds of individuals in America. With hi-tech, faster methods, and the focus on piling wealth, what really matters has fallen by the wayside. Children are crying out for more attention and time from family. Televisions are being used as baby sitters and there are more and more one parent homes.Sadly, there are too many homes where the father figure is more of a stranger or guest than a part of the structure of day to day involvement.

There is only one purpose for every individual on the planet to achieve…to love and experience love. If the most beautiful, filling expression of that is not present within your life…then your priorities have gotten waylayed. Working all of the time, too much television or sleeping all of the time are methods of moving into auto-pilot.

Search within yourself and see what you truly desire out of life…I think you will find that it is time to enjoy your loved ones, time to experience your children growing up, time to experience nature, time to travel and bask in the sun….those things are available to you in this minute. They do not require one more dollar in the bank account, complication of life through too many involvments or working yourself to the bone.

They simply require your presence and the willingness to see simplicity and what you have been working for is already here.

I am not saying release your ambitions or give up the material desires you may have. I am simply suggesting a move toward BALANCE. There is a time, a place and a limit to everything…What is yours? I am sure you do not want to end up 50 years later, not really remembering parts of your life, looking at your children asking ‘When did they grow up?’ I am certain you do not wish to regret the behavior in a relationship that causes you to lose someone special to another. I know you do not want the experience of heart attack, stress, excessive weight gain and fatigue. I am sure you do not want to view life and wonder ‘Was it really all worth it?’

You have the remote. take care of your Universe…it is the only chance you have got…

Until the next… Fashion Emergency!!!

Warmest Regards,

Simran Singh