“Don’t underestimate your capacity to                                        leash or unleash yourself.”

  To leash or unleash… that seems to be the question of the hour… Look at what is being leashed or unleashed? In both cases, it is better to unleash… both the human nature and the Divine nature because…

The world can appear as if it has forces or agencies that hold one back. But is that really true? You have innate Divine capacity. It is you who must decide if you shall leash or unleash yourself.

As we draw upon the closing of a year, look back and see where you held back? Where did you allow your fullness to unleash? Where did you play it safe? Where did you take a risk? Most of all what did you let yourself savor?

All of it is experience.. but are you savoring the experience. The savoring is where clarity comes in. If you savor being leashed… imprisoned… blocked… stuck or stagnant… only then can the clarity arise as to what must change, how, when and why.

If you were unleashed… savoring the experience allows you to see how far you can stretch of and be bold. In addition, it can bring clarity as to pulling back, being still and allowing the feminine energy to take over now. There must be a balance.

So… are you leashed or unleashed? Savor it… Season it… and Digest it. Appreciate exactly where you are and feel full filled because it is all experience, and there are no mistakes.