Hold That Steady Vision…

These are times we were made for… 
Mastery… Mastery can only be earned, experienced and expressed in the moments that pull us up… that ask us to rise… and to be more than we have become. It is easy to coast… to build… even to manifest if we really want to; but the growth, the real leap into Mastery come when we hold what exists while at the same time, truly holding the vision of the truth… our truth… sacred truth.
There is a moment when the higher self must be chosen and we love the one who appears we don’t want to love… we forgive the one who has committed the unforgivable… and hold a vision at a time when when everything in sight seems cloudy. And that is the movement of Mastery. It is holding sight f the unseen. Hearing what is in the soft whispers of the wind… and holding, with complete conviction, a vision of the future that cannot yet be felt.
This is not a challenge to rise to… it is a sacred walk to steward.

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