We are all Empaths

     Empaths bring the gift of reflecting the environment.
We are all ‘sensitives’ and ‘intuitives’. But, we all begin as empaths, either aware or unaware.      As children, we feel into the environments around us and reflect that. So a tantrum is not always a tantrum, often it is the withheld upset of a parent or environment.
     As a deep empath, it took me nearly 35 years to begin realizing some of what I was feeling was not actually me, but instead my environment. The deeper my own spiritual work went, the more empathic I became. This truly assists me in guiding and working with others. The greatest leap came when I allowed myself to be the vessel of the empathic sensitivity so it could express in environments in a reflective way.
     As I began speaking a few years ago, I intuitively knew to just show up, unprepared and with no preplanned speech and agenda. I trust my body to speak what it feels in the room. The words would come that were to match that feeling; I got out of the way and let them flow.
    Most of the time I end up in environments where people need compassion, solace and loving kindness. I can feel their pain and the words or meditations arise that are calming and soothing. There are occasions where the energy in the room is of domination, greed, control or ego driven pursuit that the words would come out bold, braggy, or in a manner so to reflect those in the room to themselves. That triggered a few people, and yet I knew I was following what was most needed. The trigger is always a doorway to healing.
     If you’re an empath, trust it and let it be a gift not a burden. Own this gift you are given. Reflect the environment; the world needs that now more than ever. This too is sacred service and social activism.
     If you have children, they are your teacher, showing you what you won’t feel. The children today are bring real teachers. Listen. Learn. Change.
In Love…