What if You Showed Up For You?

What could happen if you let yourself be organic? What if you simply did things out of the sheer joy of creating and expression?
Most impulses we have are due to conditioning. Check in with yourself and you will find that many of your agendas and plans are in response to other peoples fears, wants and desires. Most likely, it is from those early on in your life.
To begin showing up for yourself requires a process of de-conditioning, It means you hold back when an impulse rises and discern where it is really coming from. You ma be shocked that you are doing things where you are showing up for others but not really showing up for you.
Get clear on what it is that you want.. that makes you happy…. that fills you up. They will likely be things that will not make sense to most, will send shock waves through those that know you… and be completely opposite of those early caregivers.
To find yourself, you have to lose yourself. Well, you have done that now. Time to move ‘in’. What can you do out of the pure love for yourself… with no agenda… without need to prove anything… without desire to get something or somewhere…? What can you do of you? Will you show up and do what fills you to the brim whether or not another person sees it, likes it, buys it or follows it? It really is all about you. That is true freedom.
ON YOUR BUCKET LIST? How about an adventure with no plan… no agenda… no reason other than the pure experience and expression of self…? A dive into the unknown with good friends…  good food… good views on life, love and adventure!

In Love, Of Love, With Love, As of… I AM Simran
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