What Inspires Greater Insight?

The soul is called where it is called. Value is inherently not form, but experience as the blessing love, connection and creation. We are often led outside, with an inherent need to go inside; but not knowing how to be present to the self. We think we have to find others to be of deep inspiration to lift us out of our doldrums. However, what those individuals do is…actually tap into the inspiration carried deep inside of you.
The last time you sat in front of someone that utterly inspired you, how long was it before the ‘high’ wore off? You may have believed that ‘high’ came from the event… the person… or the words you heard. Not so. Sure… who they were and what they said was valuable, but it touched that part of you that knew that information already. You can only feel deeply what you inherently know.
Do you let yourself be inspired by ‘YOU’? Will you open to the vast knowledge you possess? Will you let yourself live as a human being, while simultaneously taking in the reserves of knowledge you possess as a Divine Being? For that to occur…

  • What practice needs to be in place?
  • What space needs to be created?
  • What belief about yourself needs to shift?
  • What part of you is required to open?

We all are waveforms of Source consciousness, with equal opportunity access to the great Mind of the Universe. Will you be inspired by that? It, too, is within YOU?
In Love & Oneness… Simran
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