What is the Dream ?


What is the dream… the desire…                                                       the creation living in your cells?

  • Do you feel like you are chasing the clock?
  • Does it feel like all you do is work?
  • Are you bound by obligations?
  • Are there fears or anxieties that whisper softly, or speak loudly?
  • Are you numb, bored, apathetic or checked out?
  • Do you feel free?
  • Or, are you bound by your life?

I don’t work. I create. That space of creation comes from a level of balance that is living from where two worlds touch. I ground in this earthly realm from the perspective that ‘the doing’ can only happen from a place of ‘inspired creation’ of the heart… of DEVOTION.
Come… Experience a long weekend of creation…
If it is ‘work’, based in the ego, my body speaks to me… STRONGLY; I feel tired, begin yawning or get sick. Projects drag on… things do’t complete… and, there is no fulfillment.
I took two years off to be with myself and really discover the intricacies of the ego, and the impulses that drive me. I don’t work anymore. I don’t keep lists. I don’t have a schedule. Yet…

  • I create a lot.
  • I have time… all the time I need.
  • I trust completely.
  • I have all that I need, and more…
  • I live with a sense of freedom.

Open the way into your heart… your mind… your Genie-us!
By stepping out of your life for a few ays and engaging Creative Capacity in a new way. I have had many people ask me how I create all the things that I do… how I have the ongoing inspiration… energy… and sustenance. Well, I don’t just want to share it, i want you to live it… immerse in it… engage with the experience of it. Even better, an experience with other creatives so you have a creation family around you.

Join me, and a few others, for your personal dive into
creative pursuit… passionate exploration… a-musing endeavors;
opening to the elements of your unique GENIE-OSITY!
What would you like to create in your life now?
No past experience necessary… ‘cause we gonna create one!

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