What is the Purpose for Your Existence?

     Many individuals have approached me and asked why I chose 11:11 as the name for this publication. There have been a series of numbers I have seen for as long as I can remember: clocks, billboards, mail boxes, license plates eerily coincidental and wonderfully magical. These numbers 11, 111, 11:11, 22, 33 and 44 have been a constant dialogue between myself and the universe and I realize I am not the only one. My magical journey began many years ago when I started pondering certain questions

     Who are you? What are you? Why are you here? What is the purpose for your existence? Where do we go from here? These are age old questions of time that every human that has ever lived has asked at some point in their lives


     The first time I asked these questions I was about four years old. As I sat amongst a stack of my father’s National Geographic, I decided I would cut out all of the pictures of the animals and make an encyclopedia where I classified them. Somewhere inside, I felt the completion of the project would allow me an understanding of where I fit in the collection. There was a perception that these animals knew beyond me what it meant to live with passion and purpose.

    A few years later, Spring of 1978 at the age of eight, standing on a stage with my sister in an elementary school pageant, again those questions were raised. At that time the school crowned two Little Miss Queens, one that was Caucasian and one that was African American. My sister and I, of Indian descent, were brought in front of the entire audience and told we were disqualified because we did not fit into either category. As I left the stage with our consolation awards of coloring books and crayons, I looked back at my sister who had remained. She too had been disqualified; however she was to sing during intermission. I listened to my four year old sister begin her song. The irony of the situation was the song she had chosen and learned, ‘This Land is Your Land, This Land is Mine’. 

       As children, we do not always have words or explanations; we have feelings that guide us. Feelings are where children live from consciously. As adults we grow unconscious to our feelings and let our thinking determine our decisions. At that age, I could not understand why I did not fit. I did not understand why we had to be pulled out or were considered different. What I felt in that instant was sadness and separation. It is in these incidences that we establish belief systems and lock into the place that creates our lives. I decided several things at that time that became my unconscious beliefs: “Being different is not acceptable. I am not pretty like the others. I am different and people will not understand me. People judge me by the way I look. If I am noticed, I am unsafe.’ If these were the unconscious beliefs I lived from, what would be the experiences created in my life from that position? I can certainly look back and see how creative I have been!

     I raise these stories so that you may also determine where your unconscious beliefs may have stemmed from. In many cases, our beliefs are based on perceptions that are totally untrue or falsely taught. But, we create every experience in our lives from that position until we can re-learn our place of empowerment and Divine nature. In looking back at life, I have discovered as great a beauty in the challenges, sadness, or tragedy than in the many beautiful, triumphant and joyful experiences.

     It seems that we are all rare and unique crystals. We are beauty waiting to be discovered. In breaking away the hard coverings, radiance is something that can be known and lived. Just as a crystal has many places of light and dark, we too have those dimensions within us.
Crystals also have striations and cracks and nicks. These are the things we would term our wounds or broken places. Yet, light can still shine through if we are willing to embrace that as part of the whole as a beautiful mark of character rather than a flaw. 

     Anger, sadness, jealousy, revenge, joy, empathy, kindness, and love are some of the elements of our nature. They are different degrees of who we are. We come here to know and experience all of these emotions to better know ourselves. It does not mean we stay at a certain vibration if its longevity does not serve us. However, it is as God-ly to know anger as it is to know love. It is as Divine to experience jealousy as it is to extend empathy. It is part of our
School experience to encounter sadness as we do happiness. These are all facets of our personal crystalline form. Through these facets, images out picture in our lives just as the emanations of rainbow colors that dance upon the ceiling when the light hits a prism.

     The elements of our nature are a beautiful part of us. We can know exactly where we are in the spectrum by the people entering or leaving our lives. Based on the response or reaction we will create new pictures upon the screen of life. We also can change who we have been, going back and forth from saint to sinner and back to saint and it is all good. It is simply more of an experience of who we are. The wonderful surprise is people do shift, lessons are always in the way we truly need them, and we are forever being given second chances and infinite do-overs.

     Look at what is going on in your world. What are the experiences that are happening to you? What would you say those experiences are trying to tell you? Who is showing up in your life? Are you encountering an angry grocery clerk? Where is that anger within you. Her manifestation into your world was a simple message that there may be some anger being held inside that needs attention. Do you feel as if your partner is neglecting you? Perhaps that is a message that there are places in your life where you are neglecting yourself.  What are some more loving and nurturing things you could do for yourself?  Have you come across someone incredibly powerful and successful? Where do those attributes exist within you Tap into them!

     Any and everything is a message. Remember, we are in school. We are here to learn and discover ourselves, our reactions, our responses, our greatness, our depths, and our courage. We are here to move beyond fears, physical limitations, mental barriers, negative experiences, and the expansiveness of our abilities. We are here to know that God dwells deeply within us, speaks, acts, walks, and moves through every molecule of our beings.

     As we begin to consciously see ourselves as we are. We can develop ‘steady wisdom’. Steady Wisdom is the opportunity to allow experiences move through us without attachment. It is the opportunity to just observe the classroom setting we are in. Regardless of something horribly tragic occurs or something blissfully exciting, we can take the situation as simply another lesson to be read and integrated through.

     Bartholomew speaks of us reaching the place of knowing we are the sky. The emotions, experiences and circumstances are the clouds that move through. The challenge comes when we forget and believe we are the passing cloud. We must continually remember we are the entire sky. Most get caught up, battered, and washed away by the storms. At other times, we do not even acknowledge the beauty of the fluffy cloud shapes against the blue horizon. So ‘who, what, and why are you?…for what purpose? You are here to discover yourself, your creativity, your voice, and your expansiveness. YOU are the purpose of your life BELIEVE Beyond the Illusions!

I AM one with the great Universe.

Within that sky

I acknowledge the passing clouds of many emotions.

Whether clouds drift in or out

I always remain the SKY.

God, Great Mother/Father, Divine Presence, Infinite Source

All other names by which you may be known

Grant me the wisdom to know the vastness of my sky.

Remove the veils of illusion that surround my mind and cover my sight.

Open my inner and outer eyes to see all things from the pinnacle of my soul.

Thank you for each cloud of emotion

For heavy rains of cleansing

For lightning shards of awakening

For the thundering of my heartbeat

For many moons of nurturance

For great suns of warmth

Thank you for blue skies of healing

For snowy showers of cool inspiration

For the blowing winds of change.


I lay prostrate with a humble request.

Re-awaken the wisdom within as a knowing.

Re-mind me of the truth of who I AM.

Re-new my spirit with your loving grace.

Re-unite all of my fragments into wholeness.

In-spire me the conscious breath of highest action.


I appreciate and acknowledge  

The Great Source of all things moves

In, As and Through ME

Thank you for this crystalline envelope.

Thank you for breath.

Thank you for Life.