What’s your story? Story is defined as the plot of a narrative or dramatic work. It is the script by which you act, perceive, and react to the events, people, and situations in your life.

“I never win anything.” “Nothing ever works out for me.” “If you want to make money and be successful, you have to really work hard.” “I always attract the wrong kind of relationships.” “I am a single Mom with two kids and it is a struggle.” ” I am such a shy person.”

What is the story you tell yourself and recite to everyone else? Your story are the words that define who you are and the reality you create for yourself. If your story is, “Nothing ever works out for me.” Then, by virtue of the Law of Attraction, you will attract those people, situations, and scenarios that will prove you right. Once you have proved yourself right, you will recite your story. Once again, in reciting the story, you reinforce the beliefs in your consciousness.

If, in fact we do create our realities, how do stories serve us?

If you are the type to say, its hogwash that we create our realities…things just happen. What if you invested in the belief that you have the power to create your reality. It certainly could not hurt anything to become conscious of your thoughts. Take the time to see how your thoughts influence your circumstances. Do your thoughts allow you to beat up on yourself.

Stories allow us to have confidence in that which we know. Fears stem from the unknown. unfortunately, many of us would rather suffer and bear what we know than to step out on a limb and experience something new.

Take a moment to write out the common statements you make.

1. What do you think about life?

2. What do you think about yourself?… your body?

3. What are your thoughts on relationships?… your spousal expectations?

4. How do you feel about your job?

5. What does it mean to grow older?

Look over what you have written. How do you feel about the story you have written for yourself? If you happened across a conversation, hearing someone speaking those beliefs, what would your interpretation be? Would you consider them negative, positive, hopeful, hopeless?

Take a quick scan over you life. How have the events in your life reinforced your thoughts? What does it feel like to know that you were so powerful that you could create exactly what you believed?

Are you ready for a new story?

How can you adopt a new story? Make the effort to be conscious of your current thoughts. Take time with every thought to evaluate it, keep it or change it. Devote a month of ‘conscious listening’ to yourself in order to grow. When you come across a statement that you no longer wish to claim as part of your story, adopt a new belief and write it down. Look at your list every day. You are building a new character. The new story is soon going to unfold for you as your character develops.

For example: “Nothing ever works out for me. I am a single Mom with two kids and I am all alone. Life is tough. I work so hard and I cannot make ends meet. I get no help and the kids exhaust me. I will never meet a man that can support and love me for who I am.”

In having this story, Dinah not only, beats herself down, but she is expecting life to always be this way. Dinah needs to work toward a new story.

What does Dinah need to acknowledge about herself that she refuses to see?

She is strong and supportive. She is not alone, she has two kids. ‘Life expresses through me. My abundance comes in many different ways.’ ‘I will honor and love myself because I am an independent human being.’

In slowly adjusting her perspective, she will begin to see what amazing things she has accomplished. Dinah will be able to express gratitude for that which she has. From a consciousness of being grateful, self supportive, and nurturing, she will honor the experience of who she has been and slowly become more of her true authentic self…a person that is whole and complete. in doing so, Dinah will attract positive situations and people.

Our stories keep us locked in our fears. They do not let us venture beyond what we know to be our past experience. It is ‘the story’ that does not let you move into a new career, have fun, step into a new relationship, or honor yourself through pampering. The story is the ego’s way of controlling who you are meant to be.

Adopt a new story. When you begin to believe you are not good enough…claim your greatness!

When you start to feel insecure or not pretty enough…stand in front of a mirror and choose three things about yourself that are stunning!

We are all incredible story tellers. Our lives are masterful pieces of dramatic work. As the writer, choose what you wish your storyline to be. Create the happy beginnings and endings! Experience yourself enough to live consciously, choose consciously, and be conscious!

Open your books…grab your pens…let’s write the next chapter!!!

Until the next…Fashion Emergency!!!

Warmest Regards,

Simran Singh