When Are You Due?

As I went through the day, contractions getting closer and closer together, I became aware that I was being made consciously aware of what expectancy really is. We were waiting and expecting with anticipation Krish’s arrival; knowing something is real, exists and is on the way, but not knowing when it is actually arriving or what it is going to look like. It made me ask the questions…What are we continually birthing? When will a vision come due? From the beginning of the nine months, we knew this gift was coming but there was never an exact date just a due date. There was no way for us to know what he was to look like…just our own imagination of what we thought. Most importantly, there was no way to anticipate how amazing and beautiful the experience would be. There was only the extent to which we were willing to engage, feel, dream and visualize all that was possible.
I realized this is what we do with every desire in our lives…or what we have available to us. However, many get caught up in their own much and mire, day to day existence, and perceptions of what their mind created thus far rather than the possibility of what is waiting to be birthed.
Each one of us is birthing something ALL the time…we are continuously pregnant.

  • We are never ‘not’ pregnant with some thought, belief, dream, desire or creation!
  • We birth from where the consciousness currently rests.
  • Do you get what you are hoping for?
  • Are you birthing what you really desire?
  • Do you like what life is showing you?
  • What are you pregnant with in your heart, mind, and soul?
  • Are you being conscious or unconscious about the manifestations arriving in your life?
  • We are all pregnant with what is coming next.

We can choose to live with expectancy, feeling with its excitement and knowing it is coming from the heart of Divine Love as love. When we allow ourselves to engage with life in this manner, we step into our true Divine power! Life is beautiful if we can see it with the eyes of expectancy!
As life experiences come and go…there is a process of rebuilding. When we begin again, a mind stemming from innocence supports the manifestation of new things in an even and peaceful flow. It does not mean we will not still encounter the recreations of wounding. However, as we choose to handle those opportunities for healing that show up differently, we prove to ourselves and the Universe that those lessons are no longer required. We move toward new experiences that mirror how far we have traveled.
As we brought the baby home from the hospital, I was in awe of the miracle of life. This amazing being had come into our lives and he was perfect. He came in as love and because he was that, it was what he received from everyone. He could only attract what he was. He also came in with a knowing…an expectancy that all would be provided. There was a ‘trust’ factor. When he needed food, it would show up. When he needed to be changed, a clean diaper would suddenly appear. He was innocent and open to receiving all that he was entitled to.
Here was the final lesson of expectancy. Krishan was the reminder to stay innocent in the allowance of what is to come. Trust what is needed will show up upon the true need of it. Receive. Truly engage in the experience whether it is real or in the heart-mind. Walk with expectancy…lip smacking…gurgling gleeful sounding, expressing movement with the peace and knowing of a baby.
Life can be created in two ways. Either move through it filled with tension and stress, trying to control and micro-manage, making things happen and hoping they will turn out by using all ‘force’. Or, allow life to flow and unfold by following the recipe of Divine Love in Action and letting the Universe bake it and you until cooked and complete. Step into your true nature…Live from a place of POWER.

  • Create with Bold Confidence
  • Continuously Monitor Thoughts and do Inner Work
  • Visualize Dreams in the Heart-mind
  • Use Tools such as Meditation and Vision Boards
  • Feel the Feelings as if Manifest
  • Focus Daily on the Creation
  • Connect with Source Often
  • Live in Expectancy Knowing it Exists
  • Anticipate with Excitement
  • Be Innocent
  • Trust
  • Experience and Enjoy Every Moment
  • Be Gratitude Whatever Appears
  • Receive. Receive. Receive.

You can have, be  and do what you desire. All you have to do is BELIEVE…Beyond the Illusion !       (Excerpted from the July/August Issue of 11:11 Magazine – Subscriptions available at http://1111mag.com/  )