WHERE'S YOUR VOICE?…Election day is Nov. 4th!

It is clearly obvious that human beings create patterns of behavior. But, how well do you know yours? Well, I would like you to reflecyt upon the idea that how you do ONE thing is how you do EVERYTHING…hence your pattern will be known.
How do you speak your voice? Is it through actions, words, or creativity? Is it something that you agonize over, keep hidden or repress and then spew outward? Our voice, not the way we speak or how we sound…but our true voice, the calling of our soul and murmurings of the heart, are what we were born here to disclose. it is a process and an exercise.
     By a process I mean it takes time to figure out who we really are and why really came into being. By an exercise i mean we have to practice. Voice does not come easily unless we consciously create a path for it to express. One such path would be November 4th…Election Day.
      You have chosen your candidate, who you believe should be in office, who you fear to be in office, and your belief regarding how much you are a part of the overall outcome. Some individuals vote the way they do because their family, friends, and area of the country is voting that way. Others just choose who they think looks good or sounds good. There are some who do a lot of research and investigation to make a really conscious and educated choice. A few will just show up and pick somebody. And there are those that do not plan on voting, because they do not think their voice really counts, nor do they believe it will make a difference. And then, there is a percentage that just do not care one way or the other.
Which one of the above are you? How are you doing this election? Are you going early to vote or waiting till the last minute? How you do one thing is how you do everything. How you are choosing this candidate that will be president is how you really base decisions about yourself and your life on a daily basis. Now some may argue this point, but look at some of your major decions and the process and exercise that was used.  
It is time to take responsibility for being alive, for breathing air, for taking up space onthe planet. It is time to care about everyone and everything that is going on because this is YOUR world. It is time to get conscious about how connected or disconnected you are…and allow that to be the mirror of how disconnected you may be to yourself. We can only produce change outside of us when we are willing to create change inside of us.
So, vote for the candidate you want to see heading our wonderful country, vote for yourself and how you are going to make bolder choices, choose more consciously for your life, and take the steps to make your voice, the one in your heart and stemmming from the soul, be heard. Be present…Be conscious…Be Powerful…Take the lead in your own life! Be the President of your own world!
As you step out to vote…Takle a moment of pause for silence…for prayer…and for gratitude for our great nation.
Warmest regards,                                                                            
Simran Singh