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Simran's Daily Diary 4-4- 13… Will you celebrate?

Do you apologize when you cry?
OKAY… THE BIG REVEAL IS MONDAY! But before then I had to share this… WOW!
I am really excited about my daily diary. It is allowing me to express in ways I did not know I would. Before I began this diary, I promised myself I would be real and share all of me, no matter what came up. As I recorded yesterday’s video, which I always do off the cuff and straight from the heart, I never considered the moment where I would get choked up.
I will never apologize for any emotion that I have. Emotion is what the soul came here to experience and I spent so many years numb that I honor every emotion as a delicacy to be cherished. I say this because I think we live in a world where people hide their emotions, especially the tears. I have seen so many people apologize for crying and I wonder… WHY? Its their vulnerability which is such an amazing strength… it is their heart… their soul… their ability to be intimate. Celebrate it all.. the laughter and the tears. In transparency and vulnerability, we connect and we will make the world a stronger and more beautiful place.
Enjoy my sharing…. and follow the next three days so you can see how all that is to be announced on Monday came to be.. It is quite a story!
In Love, Of Love, With Love & Laughter…