Wounded or Enlightened… It's all human experience.

There are those in our lives that seem to have created challenge and hardship. The easy path would be to become angry with them, walk away or hold in contempt… but who were they really? Did they bring a gift? Did they cause a birthing? Did they precipitate and emergence?

I have found those that have challenged me and broken my heart to have been my greatest teachers. Had they been who I wished they would have been, I would have given myself away, put off my own dreams and desires for theirs, and settled into being less than my experience allows for me. These individuals created more intense feelings because I truly loved them… I wanted their approval and acknowledgement. I desired to be cherished by them. They really mattered to me and I wanted to equally matter to them.

     The illusion would be to believe I did not matter… that they did not care… that they still do not. In actuality, their souls would have to immensely have cared to choose those roles and risk reaction, separation or even their own pain. How they have loved me… Life is truly beautiful in its unfolding of experiences, always bringing us exactly what we need to grow. It is all love, simply distortions of love… but love, nonetheless.

     The deepest, painful experiences are perfect, as they get us to do the very things that we have been thinking about but were: too afraid, playing it too safe, and believing ourselves too weak to accomplish. We designed these scenarios as default settings for when we became stuck. It may not always feel good, but it certainly gets the job done. At some point we learn that life does not require hardship or pain to live our dreams and desires. We also learn that all people are human whether they are wounded or enlightened… each one in their own experience. 

     Live and let live… love and let love… honor and be honored for who you are and who they have been for you. Today, reach out to one person you have pulled away from and thank them. Tell them you love them. Tell them you honor them and how much you have grown because of them. And see the miracle that unfolds…

In Love, Of Love, With Love & Laughter…