You and I are ONE !

Where do you find beauty? What do you hold gratitude for? What were the expectations of this year that is passing and how do those create the filter for next years dreams?     I have always found real beauty in the human form.  In my 30 year fashion career, it did not matter if I was dressing a size 2 or 22, I only saw how beautiful they were the living dolls I got to dress up. Yet so often, within their eyes, I would see a lack of compassion for the self and the body, piercing gazes of judgment, and sometimes even self-loathing. 

     The fashion industry is an interesting animal. As much as it can be one of self discovery and expression, so often it is one that helps individuals violently compare themselves to others, create masks of illusion, and disguise their authentic nature and true feelings.  Closets are packed with black, black, and more black to endlessly cover up. As we pick ourselves apart we create an inner separation that then translates to the outside experience.

     It is time to actively take charge of your own healing to choose to integrate the many pieces and parts of yourself that may be fragments laying just in the distance. It is time to get conscious about what you are doing, thinking, saying, and believing. Whatever is going on inside of you, will show itself on the outside within a relationship and/or  experience. These are your messages your hints of where you need to change and grow.    

     The beauty is, when you heal something within yourself, it creates a ripple in your life and shifts things for those in your experience as well.  When you are willing to change a negative thought pattern or behavior, you break the chain so generations to follow do not have to repeat it. As you move and grow, people and situations come in and out of your life as a constant gauge as to where you are on the path. Mind you, there is no beginning or end simply more of an experience to know and enjoy.

     I see such amazing artistry in every human being I look at: the body shapes, the ethnicities, and the uniqueness. I am in awe of the many faces that God has. Only when we put together all of those faces, cultures, attributes, and qualities do we truly see the image and likeness of the Divine Source. Without any single one of us, creation would be incomplete.  We must celebrate in ourselves and each other the slanted eyes, pale skin, wide noses, red complexions, crinkled hair, and varying features. We must help one another see how the existence of something different is an expansion of us all and another opportunity to know ourselves.

    We have reached an amazing time in history with political candidates ranging in age, ethnicity, and gender. This reveals we are uniting, even though appearances may sometimes appear otherwise. The consciousness is rising and when we finally place egos, fears, agendas, and judgments upon the shelf, we will feel what it is like to be One.

     In the meantime, celebrate your ‘oneness’ by being open to discovering who your neighbors are your strangers are your insides are? Find the oneness of your mind, heart, and soul reconcile these pieces and parts of yourself and you will have performed your role in creating Oneness in the world.

    My best wishes for a Joyful and Loving Holiday Season and a Prosperous and Abundant New Year. Thank you for being a part of my world and allowing me to be a part of yours. Let 2209 be a year to celebrate and discover everything that you are…without judgment…simply observing, witnessing, and honoring the journey and the individual…the Human Being and the Spritual Being. It is all Go(o)d !!! All you have to do is Believe…Beyond the Illusion !!!

Warmest regards,

Simran “Simmi”  Singh