Your Divine Intuition

Light is showering on you always. Rise to meet it and you’ll receive the blessing of… seeing – feeling – sensing – knowing… yourself. Light is; and you are. There is no more powerful remedy to life than the embrace of your Divine aliveness. Until you live your truth… you are not really alive.
We each begin as a bright flame that blazes with joy and radiance. Just look at a baby. See how they glow… how they giggle… how at peace they are. Watch how they gaze upward as if in conversation. They are in communion with all that is themselves… and ALL THAT IS.
Over time, due to conditioning, and the energies that surround children, that flame shrinks and becomes an ember. It is not that it is snuffed out. It is merely covered over with the ash of others. This as his density, burden, weight, stress… and most of all suppressed emotion.
Personal responsibility is the fan for such a state to burn off the ash. In fanning the ember with attention, presence, love and awareness, the ember becomes a flame and eventually returns to its full fire and Light. Personal responsibility requires trust in oneself and ones choices, by acknowledging each and every belief, pattern, choice and action. Your Divine Intuition is the flowering of this deepened process.
Want to tap into greater intuition? It is not a gift bestowed upon a select few. It is an uncovering of oneself… in seeing their greater self.
In Love & Oneness…
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