SIMRAN is a multiple Gold award-winning author and catalyst for love, compassion and humanity. Known as the 11:11 Lady, a Love Catalyst and Rebel Humanitarian, SIMRAN advocates for greater balance, neutrality, compassion and inner peace.

Host of 11:11 Talk Radio and publisher of Award-winning 11:11 Magazine. SIMRAN is a TEDx speaker and creator of a One-Woman Show that spanned 11 months and 66 cities, The Rebel Road… Connecting the Dots from What Was to What Is.

SIMRAN has appeared on GAIAM TV, One Word Puja Network, CCN, and The New Thought Channel. She has appeared as a speaker at The World Congress of Illumination, United Nations, universities, spiritual centers and hundreds of venues across North America. SIMRAN has been featured on the covers of Science of Mind, Jolie Magazine, and The Owl.


Orator & Teacher

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SIMRAN is a heart-centered speaker who has the ability to help people see life, the world and themselves in new ways. From 'Practical Spirituality' to 'Embracing Humanity'... 'Self Care, Self Love, and Self Realization'... to 'Signs, Synchronicity and Symbols ... SIMRAN enamors audiences, leaves them thinking, and inspires them to aspire to greater expressions of Living, Being and Knowing.


Author & Poet

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SIMRAN's writing is unique; it is mystical truth-telling that touches your core. Through wisdom, poetry and powerful insights, she assist individuals in navigating the human journey, while remaining 'devoted to the journey of the soul'. Her writings are rich, and will deepen the presence and pause within anyone who reads her books. Her trilogy of Living, Being and Knowing is a set of soul manuals of great depth.


Soul Artist

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SIMRAN's artwork comes out of pure meditation. She channels energies and insight organically, while also imbuing the works with empowering and healing energies. From the superconscious, images of the subconscious and higher mind of the collective and for individuals are revealed. All works are original pieces, primarily in acrylic, and custom commissions are available.


Love Catalyst

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SIMRAN has numerous ways of supporting individuals so more people can access the work. In depth online courses will feel as SIMRAN by your side. The 11:11 Conscious Living Series is available via E-book or Audiobook with added support options. She only works personally with a few one-to-one clients, assessed on a per person basis; and only by request and after discernment.


11:11 Magazine Publisher

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Simran, founder of 11:11 Media. Content rich, integrative programs are based on her example of valuable experience and expression for those seeking personal growth, spiritual empowerment and self-improvement.

Go at your own pace… utilizing pockets of time to become more authentic, integrated and heightened in vibration, frequency, and awareness. These programs are integrative deep dives into life, mind, body, heart and soul. These are not simply teachings, this is partnership, mentorship, friendship and soul guidance.


11:11 Talk Radio Host

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Conversations of humanity — Thought provoking dialogues with wonderful guests. SIMRAN guides listeners broaden the mind and expand the heart while exploring areas spanning:

     • soulful living and spirituality
     • mindfulness and psychology
     • science and quantum physics
     • heart-resonance and emotional intelligence
     • cellular memory and embodiment
     • trauma and healing 

SIMRAN’s sacred trilogy of soul manuals depicts the layered and dimensional experience of being human, and the return to humanity as an integrative experience of deconditoning, dissolving, and absorption for an alchemical shift that has the power to change our world. This highly regarded trilogy consists of:

(1) — LIVING: The 7 Blessings of Human Experience,
(2) — BEING: The 7 Illusions That Derail Personal Power, Purpose and Peace,
(3) — KNOWING: The 7 Human Expressions of Grace

SIMRAN is also the author of:

(1) IPPY Gold Award 'Best New Age book' & IPA Gold Award 'Best Self-Help book' for Conversations With The Universe, 
(2) 'Unzipper of Reality' Award for Your Journey to Enlightenment
(3) IPPY Gold Award 'Best Spirituality book' for Your Journey to Love



SIMRAN experienced profound pain, grief, injustice and oppression which has led her to a path of sacred advocacy for children’s rights in South Carolina. After a decade in the S.C.'S legal system, walking through the injustice of her own losses, Simran stood for the rights of children and families; those that had been undermined through a hidden, twenty-year cottage industry entrenched in oppression, abuse of power, and greed. This activity was being conducted by a statewide group of attorneys who began using arbitration regarding children’s issues; relegating children as property in child custody cases where it appeared financially feasible to drag out a case for monetary gain.


In a 2019 South Carolina Appellate decision, and a subsequent 2021 South Carolina Supreme Court Decision — this statewide cottage industry stewarded by many South Carolina attorneys was decreed as illegal,  unconstitutional and against the rights of children.

The South Carolina Supreme Court Opinion upheld the lawful rights of children, clearly stating that attorneys cannot bypass the law and supersede the oversight and authority of South Carolina Family Court Judges. Although twenty years of illegal cases have gone unspoken of, the lives of children and families in divorce and child custody cases can no longer be derailed in the S.C. legal system by attorneys usurping Judge's authority. This Landmark case has upheld and re-established the legal rights of children. This case has set precedent and is being used in cases across the United States, where this same illegal activity is occurring. 

In the decade in which Simran's case moved through the courts, she met dozens of other women in S.C. and other states who had also been strung through this same illegal process. With no due process or oversight of the court, these and many other men, women and children are suffering. Many experience their lives falling apart due to the trauma and grief of loss, in addition to the additional trauma of   financial abuse which leads to bankruptcy, homelessness and hopelessness. The women involved  also tend to suffer being ostracized and abandoned by their families and society.

Although Simran and her legal team were able to resolve this issue for South Carolina's children, she and her children were not reunited. Simran's children were removed from her care when they were 3 and 12 years old. During the ten year legal process of bringing this issue to light, her rights and visitation were greatly reduced limiting her ability to know, or take part, in her children's lives.

SIMRAN’s continual prayers throughout the lengthy and traumatic process remained.

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can; 
and wisdom to know the difference.
Reinhold Niebuhr

We each engage the human experience, encountering darkness and light. We come to share those experiences for the purposes of discovering our shared humanity. We are also each Divine... and ONE. Simran has continued sharing her gifts in service to love, compassion and inner humanity as an example for how to walk through life's challenging and painful experiences.