SIGNS: Sacred Encounters With Pathways, Turning Points and Divine Guideposts


Take an intimate spiritual journey and uncover the cosmic guidance available to you. Understand your next step in how signs are your conversation with the universe, and these symbols appear to give direction, build trust, and deepen your understanding regarding life circumstances. SIGNS is calling to you. Are you ready to look at life in a new way?

In Part One: Understanding Signs, discover how life is interconnected and reflective, full of experiences that mirror, guide, and speak to you—about you.

In Part Two: A Collection of Mystical Stories, follow the pathways, turning points, and Divine guideposts Simran and other sacred storytellers share through their mystical experiences.

In Part Three: Deepening Your Connection with the Cosmos stay in the inquiry and develop your intuition through contemplations, practices, and journaling exercises. 

What makes this book uncommon and truly special is it shares spiritual wisdom on seeing the ordinary as extraordinary and provides true, mystical stories of those who have received signs from the universe. SIGNS is part of the Common Sentience Series of Books published by Sacred Stories releasing March 2023.

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