LIVING: The 7 Blessings of Human Experience (Autographed Copy)


Book 1 of the Self Realization Series… LIVING: The 7 Blessings of Human Experience.

No manual is provided upon physical birth, nor is there a guide for remembering. If there were, this trilogy of LIVING — BEING — KNOWING expresses the essence of what might be revealed. The first of these manuals introduces a cycle of unorthodox blessings we all encounter: life, challenge, obstacles, conflict, chaos, darkness and death. All blessings, those that arise out of light or density, are in service to your greater experience of aliveness. The open heart, free spirit and untethered soul remains available to the unfolding adventure of awe and wonder, regardless of what appears. Imagine living each day of your life in celebration, especially amidst your difficult, most challenging and painful moments. From this perspective, even challenges are embraced in a manner that absorbs the effects of pain. Facing life with commitment to whatever it brings is a sacred act of communion. Life’s intent is to dissolve barriers that keep You/you bound and wound. Life fulfills its commitment by becoming your un-doing. Do you want to discover the mystery?… And, your Mastery? Then start… LIVING.