Authentic Power

     Power is a delicate jewel that is to be held internally, not forcibly wielded externally.
     Authentic power is grounded in love and compassion because it draws from its own gentle experience of intuition and a deep connection to the heart. True power knows ‘to give is to receive back in greater measure’. Out of care for self and others, true power trusts in the cycle of time and flow of events. The soft whisper of internal guidance always considers the whole, and its interconnection with that greater body as a catalyst for good; for unity instead of separation. Authentic power is never swayed by money, status, hierarchy or fame. It knows these things as temporary, understanding that real wealth is in connection, equality, balance and equanimity. Authentic power can be expressed softly or firmly, but with grounded simplicity and brevity. Power of this manner exhibits being ‘Master’ of one’s environment and world; where every experience is embraced fully.
     What is currently identified as power in the world is actually force. This type of forced power draws from the external world to utilize and exert resources. In this way, it is a ‘taking’ energy rather than a ‘giving’’ one. It believes image is everything and easily gaslights those watching and close.
     Forced power amplifies and reflects the energies it takes in from the world. Any time words and actions are bullying, dominating or threatening… you are seeing the ‘grave shadow’ of power; a mask of one who is deadened to their senses and sense ability. This dark use of power is only concerned with its own image, status and agenda. It is always a power grounded in fear, albeit often times unconsciously. This can be expressed with a charismatic flair or a hard edge but its most identifying characteristic is ‘my way or else’. Power of this type is really ‘slave’ to the ego and all other egos of the same type. This is the ‘God-complex’ of the head and ego.
     To move from the ‘shadow mask’ of power to authentic power requires humility. This is not a humble shrinking back; that too is a submissive, manipulative shadow of power. Instead, real humility knows itself as an extension of Source. Grounding in the ‘God-spark’ of the heart, one wills not to inflict pain, but instead aims to transmute it. This being lives in full trust and acknowledgment of life’s innate wisdom, cycles and rhythms; even within the difficult, challenging and hard moments.
     Authentic power is rooted in a foundation of Love and shines bright like a diamond in the dark. We are in the pendulum swing back to center from the far reaching, grabbing hand of forced power. The more individuals that ground in their authenticity… holding, purifying and keeping their personal energy in check, the easier the transition will be..
In Love…