It Takes a Village…

Have you ever wondered if some wounds should never heal? Where are you with what happened in Charleston SC’s Mother Emmanuel Church?

YOU Are Not Your Identity

Who are you really? Are you 3-Dimensional, 5 Dimensional or ‘beyond’ even these illusions? Are you letting yourself operate out of the dimension of time and space or from the realms where your true power resides? Can you even think outside of your ‘self’? 

SIGNIFICANT or Insignificant?

What is so important in your life that you’ve lost sight of the bigger picture? What perspectives are small and constricting; which are large and far reaching? Do you see yourself as SIGNIFICANT, insignificant… or BOTH? 

There's ONLY ONE You!

What on earth have you been through? What ground have you risen from? What seed lay within you? How has that sprouted, risen and flowered?…