Forgiveness… the Miracle

The face of innocence…have you seen it lately? The world wants to convince us of dangers, lack, threat and violence… But is it real?

Walk the Talk!

It’s time Wisdom Walkers… The brand new issue of 11:11 Magazine is out and it is packed with exactly that… WISDOM! There are some amazing pieces by Gordana Biernat, Andrew Harvey, Carolyn Baker and Shakti Gawain. They bring forward ideas to cultivate true JOY! And… here’s what else is exciting!

Be Free in Spirit !

True sovereignty, true freedom, comes from taking a stand for oneself that every action is self-governing and independent.

Happy New Year… Happy New You !

We are creative beings. It is our spiritual purpose to continually create. Yes, perhaps there was passion at a time for what you were educated in. And that passion lingered through the early part of your career. However at some point, if it becomes no longer fulfilling on ALL levels, it is time for a new choice! It is time …