What's Your Worth?

What are you worth? What’s worth your time? What’s worth your energy? What do you see as worthy… and as unworthy of you? Due to the conditioning of the world —- through media – education – competitiveness —— worth is often equated to the material.

A Meaningful Life

A meaningful life arises from conscious committed choices, authentic relationships, and playing in the organic unfolding of the moment. This is not a linear path, and it does not always happen at once…

Want a Life of Significance?

When you move past all the pieces that have been, you’ll meet the every thing, the allness; and the no-thing you really are. Go towards the Light. The quest for significance is another path but one that is ruled by ego and need.

What Inspires Greater Insight?

The soul is called where it is called. Value is inherently not form, but experience as the blessing love, connection and creation. We are often led outside, with an inherent need to go inside; but not knowing how to be present to the self. We think we have to find others to be of deep inspiration to lift us out of …