What is True Love?

You are two parts… shadow and Light, angel and demon… Lover and Beloved. What would Lover say to Beloved in the human sense, in the soul sense… beyond all sense? This is the greatest Love story of all time… epic, uber, legendary… and it too is ‘YOUR JOURNEY TO LOVE’.

Tasting Tears of a Bleeding Heart

The greatest quest in life is to ‘Love and be Loved’. Twin flames, true loves and ultimate soulmates tease the mind, especially in life’s challenging moments. The soul’s true mate is not ‘out there’. That ‘one’ waits within. Access to real Love rests deeply inside one’s cells, meandering through thoughts, and pulsating inside buried wounds of the heart. 

What's the Point?

It means everything to me to be real, to live authentically, and with the utmost honesty and sincerity. I have no problem sharing my heart or baring my soul, because I know of our Oneness. I feel what we all feel, but not all are willing to integrate. I know what we all know, but not all are willing to …