The Message

Silence is the place where the messages come. We have to go in earnest and reverence. We must be clear in our asking and even clearer in our hearing. When we are ready and present the message always comes…

SMILE Your Way Through

If you are riding a new York city subway, walking down the street, or simply looking at the faces of people driving in their cars, have you ever noticed how many are smiling versus how many are not?

All YOU Have to do is BELIEVE

All YOU Have to do is BELIEVE… Within this vast world of categories… the good, bad, alternative, normal, positive and negative, lays the space that is waiting for you just to BELIEVE.


Find Your Voice…It is there… It is to be connected to… It is callling from within and without… It shows up all around you … It desires to be heard, especially by YOU ! 

Choose Today…Walk with Wisdom

Choose Today…what? Walk with wisdom…Live by Universal Law…Understand your power and role in our world and its future…

Affirming the YES

Today I stand fully intending my arms open, my experience receiving, my mind filled with expectancy, and my heart believing

What is so hard about saying Y.E.S.?

Y.E.S. YOU EMBRACING SYNCHRONICITY  – YOU EXPERIECING SURRENDER –                                         YOU EXPRESSING SPIRIT      What is so hard about saying ‘Yes’? What is particularly challenging about saying ‘Yes’ to ourselves? to our Divine right? Is it just a habit? Is it that we are so comfortable being uncomfortable that a ‘YES’ would take us out of our ‘discomfort’ zone. Would ‘Yes’ …


     Saying YES is exactly what I did one year ago I was at a point in my life where change had been forced upon me, life seemed like a foreign country I had been thrown into, I had lost all that held meaning to me, and there was a choice to live or not to live.