Awaken the Giant

     Awaken the giant within; let that part of you express in the world.
     Within you is… a small self and a Large SELF. The small self aspires, desires, wants, needs and tries. It dreams and has ambitions, yet it is the one who also has doubts, insecurities, fears, stories and anxieties. It feels small, and at times, alone or seeking because it ‘thinks’ it is not yet complete. The small self can give itself away to another, usurp others power unconsciously or even hide. This is part of the condition – the human condition – of being small and in form, while having an ego that aggrandize self and fears.
     The Large SELF is both inside and as an oversoul to the human self. It is a quiet giant that guides, guards, protects and unconditionally loves the ‘small’ self. This SELF has wisdom beyond the ages; it knows its power presence and purpose. It seeks nothing, holds power centrally and is inclusive of the higher good for all. Rather than ego, it has a humble nature grounded in its powerful connection as everything.
     Both parts of you always exist; yet one will often taken the lead. Which one are you letting lead your experience and expression on the planet?      
     Don’t be surprised if the small self appears big to you… and the Large SELF, although seemingly invisible at times, is the stillness whispering from inside… It will also converse with you as the little sign posts, markers and grand synchronicities that appear outside. You are the world, and everything in it. Amidst this great Universe, there is an even greater one inside of you. Within the ocean is a drop. Within the drop is the ocean.
In Love…