Let Go… Trust

     Let go… life will carry you. It always has.

     Trust that there is something larger always occurring. Life is infinite in its wisdom, and uses you as it needs for a greater good. Do not resist anything that comes your way. Embrace it wholeheartedly that you may receive the benefit of such powerful medicine.
    To interfere, control or push your way is a lack of trust. Your mind can not comprehend the vastness or simplicity of the grander plan, so it attempts to complicate things. You either believe in s divine plan or you don’t. You either trust in a higher power or you do not. You either know you are safe or believe you have never been. Deepen your trust through the art of doing nothing; and watch everything happen. Let things come to you, instead of running after them.
     Your speed and agility are talents to the ego, but immaturity to the soul. Yet it does not judge; it enjoys your play. Try something different… Be the eye in the center of every storm. Chaos is the divine imagination’s way of creating anew. Be still amidst the movement and you will find yourself deeply moved. What you will discover is there is enough time… for everything. Trust.
In Love…